how hide things in the common home

ok, i think there is need of a instructable on how to hide small things[ or any thing in general] like credit cards or money or not real sure why you would need to do this but im sure it could come in use... for example taking a hinge off a door, cutting a small slit to slide a card into then screw the hings back on, like nothing never happened. note- i got this idea from burn notice[ its a tv show] cool eh?

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a lot of things have hollow space in them. If you are willing to do the work: -CRT screens usually hav a large empty cavity -sofas are almost nothing but hollow space -vents -interior walls are hollow (usually) -many light fixtures -under the fridge is usually left alone -crawlspace under house if you have one
Goodhart9 years ago
The whole concept of "what is normally visible is thereby not suspect" works best (as stated below). Look around a normal room, and you see appliances in the kitchen (stay away from the stove, hiding important papers there could prove, um, troublesome LOL), book shelves (containing books), knick-knack shelves, table(s) and chairs in the dining room, etc. & etc. So, almost anything not being "used" can be hollowed out or split in two or be used as a "front" for a hiding place.
skunkbait9 years ago
In an unused bag of kitty litter is a pretty safe place.
Actually, if one doesn't mind, putting USED kitty litter back in the bag is a VERY effective hiding place LOL
=SMART=9 years ago
ill do it as soon as i have time, tomorrow after school maybe
Dont hide porn in between the mattress and box springs. Thats the first place everyone looks. You should only keep it there to keep the pages crisp.
110100101109 years ago
the most visible place is sometimes the best place to hide 2 years before there was canabis growing in a window box in the teachers room of my school. it took the teachers about a year to realize whats that green bushy plant (that grows huge being in direct sunlight most of the day)
westfw9 years ago
Are you talking about hiding things from a thief (who has limited time to hunt), or from (say) a crack police forensics team with a search warrant and fancy equipment and no time limit ?
NachoMahma9 years ago
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