how long between hitting "publish" and actual publication?

How long should it take for a submitted instructable to appear in search queries and/or on the "recent" page?

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Javin0078 years ago
They should have a temporary site where "un-filtered" new instructables can be viewed. That being said, here's mine that isn't published yet (given I did publish it at 6 AM on a Sunday, only 6 hours ago.
The Jamalam8 years ago
the instructables team have to review it, so if you have a very long instructable it will probably take longer than a very short one
mowdish8 years ago
It would be nice to know a little about the filter. It took my first instructible 4 days to show up in the recent-instructables list. There have been so many instructables in the last few days that mine was on page seven by the time it showed up. I suspect that this happened because I changed the license from the default to the less restrictive Attribution license. Assuming this was the reason, and that I had known, I would have kept the default license. The whole point of changing the license was to make it more likely that people would spread the idea around. But a page one appearance achieves that goal far better than a slightly less restrictive license.
alezito_gdl8 years ago
I have troubles while trying to publish my first instructable.
The thing is, I wrote the I'ble, hit the publish button, it gave me the "share it with your friends" option, and it even said that while the publication process finished, there was an active link. Clicked it and everything was on it's place.
However, after checking the status 2 days later, I found that there was no Instructable at all. I wrote the given link, but it said that the author (me) had deleted it. I did not such thing. I logged in, but there was nothing to show, not even on the unpublished tab.
So i re-did it again. Published and stuff. Same thing happened. That got me really mad. But since I was logged in, I just hit the "edit" button that appears only when you're the author of that I'ble. And to my great relief, every step, every image, the whole I'ble was still there. So I hit "publish". The I'ble is still there, but, how ca I be sure that it won't get "deleted by the author" (without me doing it, of course)?.
I didn't get a notification saying that it was an illegal I'ble, or something like that, it just got deleted.
I'm using Firefox 3, and it might be helpful to add that even as I check the "remember me" box, I have to log in every time I close Firefox, even while it is configured to show all the open tabs at the time of closing the program.
I would really appreciate any information hat might help me. Is it the browser I'm using? What else could it be? How could I stop this from happening again?
Thanks beforehand.
By the way, heres the newest link: Click me to see if I'm still alive.
. It shows up on your personal page. :)
From his third paragraph, I think he was looking on his personal page (i.e., "not even on the unpublished tab"). Either this is a server-side bug, or he's got a weird browser configuration.
You won't get a notification. If your I'ble title or text contains any of a long and mysterious list of "keywords" (bomb is almost certainly one of them), then it will be caught by the automated "filters." At that point, it has to be reviewed by a human being (one of the I'ble Staff) before publication.

As you can learn by following the About link at the bottom of every page, the Staff is a fairly small group of people. If you think the review time is too long, you can certainly send a PM to one of the Staff and ask for help.
Phil B9 years ago
I have had some appear in the Recent listings after only ten to twenty minutes. Oddly, I posted three on Saturday. The first one has not yet appeared after more than a day and a half. The other two appeared almost immediately. My experience in the past is that they all usually appear sooner or later. But, an Instructable posted several days ago that appears tomorrow will be listed with other Instructables from the same day it was posted, which makes it harder for viewers to find in the Recent pages.
Kiteman Phil B8 years ago
You could always start a thread to advertise its existence, pointing out it got hooked in the filters.
Phil B Kiteman8 years ago
Thanks. I did nothing for a while and there were a few views. I waited to see what would happen as a sort of experiment. Then I did a related Instructable and made mention of my Instructable with only a few hits. It has now received a respectable number of hits. Watching the hit counts is interesting. Something will get a few hits and then almost go dormant. All of a sudden it gets linked someplace and there is a rash of hits out of nowhere. Strange, but interesting.
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