how many instructables are you allowed to submit

i assume its just one but i just figured id ask

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canida10 years ago
Indeed, post as many as you want!
The Sew Useful contest with Etsy has a limit of 3/person, but most of our contests do not.

Actually, I think Tim is slightly ahead of me right now for total projects.
CameronSS canida10 years ago
Makes me feel kind of depressed...I feel so uncreative...
Here I was, today actually, thinking "Do I post too many?", but I'm a piker compared to you two.
Don't forget about Trebuchet03- he's catching up quickly.
I'm doing the best I can ~sniffle~, for some reason my wife wants me to spend time with her. Wait until you see my next one, derivative? Sure. Cool? Definitely!
lightpacker10 years ago
infinite as many as you want

I think the person with the most is Canida a staff member of instructables

It would be cool if whoever has the greatest amount of positively rated Instructables should get a little thing next to there name, same with most hits and best rated, like a gold star!!!!, lol
This will cause spam... same as in most forums where most-posts user get special markings. Rating hits or quality results in more people advertising the site and in better instructables.
Oh, I see. I still think it would be cool if there was a way it would be posible
Well, one method would be to do something like ranks and check with the average rating to avoid spam. Example: 5+ Instructables (which have at least medium rating): Silver 10+ Gold 20+ Platinum Well, you get the picture. :-)
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