how many servos can an arduino control?

hey, im in need of a little bit of help with the arduino. im new to it and need to know how many servos an arduino can independently control as all the pages ive found seem to indicate 2 but i need 3 servos to run through a pre-programmed set of steps. please help. thanks

Where did you get the project for 2 servos? I'm new to this too and I need to control 2 servos. Give a link please :3
rokukas6 years ago

there's a way to control 10 servos on two or even one wire.
westfw8 years ago
Depends on how much work you want to do. The SoftwareServo library controls up to 20 servos from an Aduino, for example, but you have to manually call a "refresh" function approximately every 50ms.