how much you spent for bicycle upgrade

hey/ guys. I'm Tom from moscow russia. need your good advice and help. for my diploma work i need to know how much money an american guy spent to upgrade (to make look better) a bicycle? it very important/

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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
200 for the bike, 24 for tubes, 20 for tire liners, 7 for slime


better to just buy some inner tubes...

once u get good at changing tires you can change it pretty fast..
i can easily change my tube in under 10 minutes...

Yeah, I know, its just that I do a lot off road, and it sucks to get stuck 10 miles away from home. Besides my inner tubes were $12 a piece
i do downhill mountain tubes are about 3 dollars.....those tubes that are advertised as "extra thick" are actually stupid because a normal innertube has the same pop rate as those thick ones....
My tires are 2.10 and most of those only stretch to 1.75 at the most. The thick ones help against sharp thorns and stuff like that
from my experience, if the thorn penetrates the tire, its going through the tube too, no matter what tube you got...but thats just me.....i got 2.4s i think...
Yeah,I know. But thats why I got liners (Mr Tuffy, $20)
my god lol....u might as well line your tires with kevlar lol....have bullet proof tires
Good idea! (Kidding)
well, i got a norco bigfoot. costed me about 1000 dollars... i want to put about 600 dollars into it but ive decided to put it into paintball and the bank instead
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