how should I go about filling in this mask so its smooth & flat ?

I've been working on this for a week and even thought its creepy enough already i just want to fill it in and make it smooth, flat, even, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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Toga_Dan5 years ago
What's it made of? sheet metal?
cbenda (author)  Toga_Dan5 years ago
22 gauge aluminum sheeting.
Toga_Dan cbenda5 years ago
I think bondo should stick. Is there a specific reason why you used aluminum?
crapflinger5 years ago
you're wanting it to be smooth? instead of all jumbly like it is? i'd suggest going out and buying a hockey style mask then (basically the shape you've already made)
oldmicah5 years ago
Read a lot about people using bonds ( car dent repair) for this sort of thing. Foam would be much lighter, but I think you will get a rougher surface. Let us know what you tried and how it worked!
quatch5 years ago
what materials are used?

It might be easier to start over, if you fill in the deep spots here you'll have a very thick mask.

Maybe use spray foam to fill in all the deep spots (one can should be enough, give it a coat so it dries about 1cm thick, then carve that down to the form you want. use one of those small curved drywall rasps, then sandpaper. Might work.

Using plaster cloth (like for making casts) would work, but it'll be really heavy.