how to acquire materials for a gokart/human powered vehicle???

ok so i once again have a crazy yet bound to work sceme the only problem is i do not have the resources or raw materials basically what i need are a couple good condition yet unwanted bikes naturally i turn to my local thrift stores but oh bummer my pickup truck is out for good (the engine is literally out of the vehicle) so basically i am unable to transport the bikes to my home and since everyone else in my family drives tiny economic cars i am really stuck i could  techinally ask one of my neighbors but that would be akward (i am between 12 and 16 years old) i really need help with this one guys (and girls) any ideas are most appreciated

thank you,

Kiteman7 years ago
It is perfectly possible to ride one bike whilst guiding another along by holding the middle of the handle-bars, so why not cycle to the stores to collect the bikes one at a time?

Or go with a few lengths of timber to lash up a frame to turn them all (temporarily) into a single cyclable vehicle?
fidgety2 (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
kiteman THANKYOU i can not believe i missed that one that was ovbious