how to bake a pizza without oven?

hi everybody,
does anyone know how to bake a pizza without oven?
if you do please share with me.
thanks for the help.

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koral122 years ago

u can try with corn oven

kaszel2 years ago

oven is main part of pizza :P

Triclaw2 years ago

on top of tin foil on top of a cars manifoild

Heard of people using dutch ovens and or cast iron skillets on the top if the stove. Then there is always the barbeque pit.
We often make pizza on the BBQ grill. It's pretty easy. You can also use a dutch oven on the stove top. You might start with an already baked flat bread like Boboli then add your sauce and toppings. That way the dough would not be soggy.
FoolishSage4 years ago
Ive made bread in a frying pan so i suppose that pizza might work as well.

Keep the heat low and only add enough fat to prevent sticking (preferably in a non-stick pan). Just keep in mind the top will get very little heat so pre-cook any ingredients that need cooking.

For pizza it might even be a good idea to blind "bake" the dough on both sides in a pan before adding the toppings.
ferraririder123 (author)  FoolishSage4 years ago
What kind of dough would you suggest?
If you use a medium-heat and out a lid on I think this will work. But it will be brown and crispy underneath and soggy-on top. Unless you can flip it like a pancake without covering yourself in molten-cheese.
(Please try this and make an Instructable before I do...)

I used a simple water/flour mix with a touch of salt, but that was to make a dense bread. To make a more flavourful and fluffy pizza dough I would add some yeast, olive oil and oregano to the dough and let it rise for a good while. There should be plenty of pizza dough recipes on the interwebz ;)
Jayefuu4 years ago
Deep fat fry it?