how to built a printer

any one know how to built a printer for my office... its a 4" by 8" 3 copies... so i like to use a daisy wheel..

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Goodhart9 years ago
I am not sure I understand what is asked for. A printer from scratch parts? What does "3 copies" refer to? 4X8 is more like a cubicle, isn't it?
I read 4 inch by 8 inch... Hmmm... If you need to print 3 layers, you want a dot-matrix printer. While they're pretty hard to come by these days, you should be able to find them at rummage sales or surplus stores. I have a couple in my garage. I wouldn't know where to find new ribbons, but if they're cloth ribbons, I could tell you how to re-ink them.
4 x 8 inch, yeah, you're right....it is late and I should get off the computer LOL* sorry.

I think I may even have an old epson dot matrix somewhere, but I can't use it unless I can find the printer to plotter converter plans I had at one time.
jayjayx_jay (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
THANKS MAN. for helping me.
Well, I don't know if I was of much help, but you are welcome.
jayjayx_jay (author)  LasVegas9 years ago
well thank you. Do you think a ink jet printer will print the 3 paper? i use it, but it print only the 1st. paper..
Not ink-jet. Dot matrix. It uses (usually 9) hammers to transfer ink from a ribbon to the top sheet. The hammers are sufficient to penetrate 3 layer forms.
jayjayx_jay (author)  LasVegas9 years ago
Ah.. So i will find a Dot matrix printer... Next Problem.. How can i put the paper in the printer... Sorry I not include the paper is 4" by 8" (3 copies But it 50 sheet so 150 pieces.) THANK YOU VERY MUCH..
Do your forms have track edges (perforated edges with holes)? If so, most dot matrix printers are designed for them. It takes a little practice to learn the right point to adjust the paper so everything lines up. After a bit, it becomes almost second nature.
jayjayx_jay (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
3 copies ...means 3 paper.. 1 for original 1 for duplicate 1 for audit
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