how to delete instructable account?

I want to remove my instructable account, but i dont know how. Can anyone help me?

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randofo4 years ago
Email service@instructables.com and tell them that you would like your account deleted.
Jacoby-2 years ago
How do I delete my instructable account
Kiteman Jacoby-2 years ago
Raise your eyes, just slightly, and read the comment left by Randofo...
Jacoby-2 years ago
How do I delete my instructable account
passchal3 years ago
For the simple fact that this site does not have an available "cancel or delete account" button is the reason I want my account deleted. Even with Facebook and Twitter you can easily delete your account.
Kiteman passchal3 years ago
You want to leave purely because it's not immediately obvious how to leave?


Lol. I don't ever see you use smileys or anything like that, Kiteman. But yeah, what was said doesn't really make sense.
"For the simple fact that this site does not have an available 'cancel or delete account' button is the reason I want my account deleted"
meemo563 years ago
I tried service@instructables.com NOT WORKING. I want to cancel membership.
Kiteman meemo563 years ago
You do need to send that email, it just won't be instant (it's a human-monitored address, and it gets a lot of traffic) but can I ask why you want to delete?

What's not to want?
Nielsensusa4 years ago
How do I delete my account?
Kiteman Nielsensusa4 years ago
See Randofo's comment above - click on the word "message".
how do i delete comments i wrote
Beside every comment you have posted, you should be able to see a "[delete]" button.
knex dude 20003 years ago
thanks kiteman
Dixiewe4 years ago
Could not print a pdf; stated I must be a pro. I clicked the 3 month button, when it should have been just a month. I only wanted just one article. How do I cancel the three month and make it just a one month?
bjquilter5 years ago
I don't know how I got signed up on here but I noticed a payment taken out of my account for this site. Can you please email me and let me know how this happened and let me know how long the subscription is for, etc? I will probably cancel but need to know how it got started in the first place. Thank you.
Kiteman5 years ago
Will people please stop asking *me* to delete your accounts?  I do not have the authority to do that.

You need to send a PM to Randy or email the site: info [at] instructables.com

To help us improve the site, could you also include in your message the reason why you would like to cancel your account?

Thank you.
NachoMahma Kiteman5 years ago
. OK. Since you refuse to delete my account, will you please change my username? TIA.
Or at least help me block the k'nex.
Kiteman Lithium Rain5 years ago
Some people seem to be abusing their powers...
kelseymh Kiteman5 years ago
When powers are abused, they grow up to be abusive powers...
kmariebox6 years ago
Hello, I am here on behalf of my sister. She is unfortunately deceased. She passed away 4 months ago and I am just trying to clean up the last few bits and pieces that need to be taken care of now... I've been going through computer sorting through memberships, etc. and I came across her membership here. Is it possible you could please remove/delete this account? Many Thanks, Regina B. Phoenix, AZ
Kiteman kmariebox6 years ago
We are all sorry for your loss. I have passed your request on to the appropriate admin.
zascecs6 years ago
 I really don't understand why this instructable account has to be deleted. Just make the new one and never use this one...
Clenica6 years ago
I want to delete my account too so your not the only one I like to delete mine too so let me know when you know how it dosent envolve the site the site is good really good I just made a mistake... so if theres a way let me know
Kiteman Clenica6 years ago
If you just made a mistake with your user name, you can change it - check this forum topic for how to do that.
Clenica Kiteman6 years ago
thank you kiteman I needed that its becuase some poeple thought I was a boy... its really annoying for awhile I mean seriously sammra means Science,Astronamy,Music,Math but I dont like math anymore so thats out the window :P
Kiteman8 years ago
Don't delete it. If you want to stop using the site for a while, do so. The account will still be waiting for you whenever you decide to come back.
casvandegoor (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
yes, you're right
Goodhart8 years ago
Why do you want to delete your account ?
chooseausername8 years ago
Maybe you could send a message to the staff ?
casvandegoor (author)  chooseausername8 years ago
ok, thank you
ll.138 years ago
I don't think you can.... :|