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 Hi .I have received another message on instructables that i am to yet again receive a copy of the published book how to fix absolutely everything . Some friends on here have already received there copy with emails stating when it was shipped and so on . One of my ilibles is in the book that is why i am receiving a copy. I have already emailed  support @ instructables   twice already   with no reply. i have reached out to a few people on here who i find out no longer work for instructables . Can someone please help me with the next step. It would be fantastic to own a copy of this book with my ilible in it ..

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Hi there, I'm not sure why you haven't gotten your copy, but I'll check in with our shipping department and see what the hold up is.

I also appear to need to contact your shipping department. I just sent the following email to them but just in case they ignore could you look into it?

Feb 4, 2015. 12:26 PM


re: Shipment confirmation from

The tracking number for this shipment shows that FedEx delivered it. The number is


the driver delivered it to the wrong house/person. I opened a tracking
case with FedEx and they attempted to get the driver to tell them where
he left the package. That was last week. Apparently he doesn't know or
remember and whoever got it has not contacted anyone, including me. I
have been in the phone book for over 20 years so all they have to do is
look up my number but it appears that they are keeping my books instead.
(Thanks a lot neighbors)

I contacted FedEx again today and they
said they have now opened a claim on this package and I was to contact
you in order to have you reship it. Sorry for all the trouble. I almost
feel like there is a conspiracy afoot, all this time and I still don't
have even one copy of the book.

Please make note of the fact
that you have sent me 3 separate shipping confirmations and not one
thing has showed up. I sent you another email last week about the first
one and you never replied to it. So, from what I can tell you were
sending me 3 copies. At this point I would suggest that you just Bill it
all to FedEx and try again.

By the way the address you shipped to IS Correct. That has been verified.

Original message
sent 14 days ago
Instructables Robot


Your How to Fix Absolutely Everything [free author copy] has just
shipped from Instructables headquarters. Be sure to check your mail soon
so you dont miss it!
Your prize may be arriving in separate packages, so if its not all here
be on the lookout for another package!

Thanks for being part of our community!

Instructables Team @ Autodesk |

What email are you sending this to? Make you you email to make sure you reach someone! That account is checked every day.

Yes I did send it to the wrong one but it inadvertently got noticed anyway. They are going to send me yet again another copy. Maybe this time it will get to the right place.

I'm sorry you have been having so much trouble! I'll check back with our shipping department!

thank you very much

iceng2 years ago

Do you need .. 1M+ views .. to get a copy ?

just $14.46 and any tax, shipping and handling


Thanks for the pointer :)

It's for homeowners...

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