how to get free pro membership

I know pro membership can be winned in contests is there any other ways to get it without any payment ?

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lemonie6 years ago

Yes, get something "featured"(that's another 3 months for me)

IIRC, it's 3 months for a front-page feature, and a year if it gets in the newsletter. (I think.)
A category feature gets you a 3 month pro membership and a front-page feature a year. (They've changed that, with the new front page design)
I just got given a 1 year pro for a feature : )

What can i do with it?
You can now download PDFs, make guides, see less adverts, send patches...

(Have a look at the "pro settings" tab on your "You" page.)

Yes, I think that is it.

batonas (author) 6 years ago
So I need to make some good instructables and hope those will get featured. Thanks for the replys.
Well you can win Pro memberships in contest, you can buy them, sometimes the pro members that win a contest give their pro memberships that they win in the contest away, and if you are a teacher you can get a free membership (it's how I got mine because I am a Kung fu teacher).
lemonie batonas6 years ago

That'll work, or otherwise....

Sassysam606 years ago
Would you please make pro free for Senior Citizens. My husband is 81 & loves seeing what folks come up with. He can spend hours in the evenings just looking & commenting to me. It is keeping his brain young.
Thanks.. Mrs. Mason

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