how to hack windows passwords

so im just posting this part because i dont have pics yet but when i do im posting the instructable, kk?

  • 1 * press (windows) + R
  • 2 * type in cmd
  • 3 * the comand prompt will pop up. now type in net user
  • 4 * it will show all the acounts.
  • 5 * type in net user (insert name here) *
EX. net user Sid *
  • 6 * it willask you to type in a password so enter anything or just hit the ENTER key to unlock the password and there you go u hacked an acounts password!

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lemonie8 years ago
Does this work if you're not logged-in with administrator privileges?

peeontree8 years ago
what do you mean by pressing windows. What do I press
after of net user??wat is the next steps???type a wat?
jollex9 years ago
Didn't work for me.
knex-4-life (author)  jollex9 years ago
are u using vista i think it only works for xp
I'm using XP when It type in net user in command prompt and hit enter it doesn't wok.
This is the report it gives me, and it doesn't ask for a password.
knex-4-life (author)  puffyfluff9 years ago
You forgot to type in a * after the name.
net user Sid *
Remember the star thing.
Oh... Great revenge tool!
knex-4-life (author)  jollex9 years ago
Hmm i don't know what to tell you... Sorry.