how to insert html?

how does one insert html into an instructable? Do I have to put som tags before and after the code or something?

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ewilhelm10 years ago
check here:

When you figure it out, join the Instructables help group and make edits.
It sounds like you guys don't mind it being used.
In that case, what do you think is wrong with the ERROR: ?
After all, it knows the processor, or it wouldn't display that? Or maybe it just reverts to HTML because it has no idea what to do...
I will test that theory by posting something with "#!hsjt", because it won't know that either, so we can tell if it actually knows it, and lies to us, or it is just reverting to default.

ERROR: unknown processor hsjt
(Wow, sorry for spamming this up...) But yeah, it worked, so it must just revert to a "primal state" and not get processed...
trebuchet0310 years ago
To me knowledge -- its not allowed (it was turned off).

There's limited functionality for bold italic
typed - nice for displaying code (so things line up nicely)
link, video and superscripts using a carat before and after the text to raise ;) Oh... and horizontal rules are done with 4 (or more) dashes ;)

Interestingly the ampersand symbol does something -- not sure what, but everything after the ampersand is not sent to post.
I found this out :-D
To demonstrate- I will use the infamous <bdo dir="rtl"></bdo> tag on a sentence!
(Makes text backwards)
Problem: You get an ugly red box and some extra text... To make your text not "typed", just change the formatting using html, but I'm too lazy and I don't want to demonstrate that.
This is backwards!, I did it with HTML!This is blueOn my orangeboard, I posted a MeeboMe widget using this :D
Do "{" x3, then "!#html" then the closing "}" x3 :D