how to make a Airsoft OR bb gun or any gun thet shoots little pelletquite well

hi all Does anyone know how to make a pretty good working airsoft gun, bb gun design thing that shoots little pellets at least 35 meters, i have looked at most of the ones on instructables so new design would be great Thanks and let me know your ideas.

Picture of how to make a Airsoft OR bb gun or any gun thet shoots little pelletquite well
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starwing1239 years ago
Look around
awaite9 years ago
Those air compressor type guns aren't really that good cause u can only shoot with the air compressor attached
Lftndbt10 years ago
Where did you get your pic there? Your asking how to build one so i'll assume that's not your's... ...
Well mine is exactly the same principle of that one pictured... That one run's off a compressor/ large ground/backpack tank, mine has a chamber attached where that quick connect is which wraps back around the trigger...
Here's a good place to start.... Mine.... LoL ... good site, join it.. ;),p,136843.html#136843
lukeRAMBO (author)  Lftndbt10 years ago
The above pic is my dart gun basically its a airgun that shoots blowgun darts twice or more as far as a blowgun but its not a airsoft or bb gun because the barrel is to big and only gets a few shots to a tank, i was talking about a gun which has more shots or is spring powered and is powerful, not like the spring powered one already on instructables.
Lftndbt lukeRAMBO10 years ago
Ummmm..... dude.... do you really have no clue? If that is your gun, it is spectacular!!! It's design is far superior to a piston or sprinkler design.... Whats the barrel bore on it now? decrease it and add a limiter to the trigger to stop you opening the poppet valve all the way....... How much "more" pwr/shots do you want.... Because you sound like your entering the realm of bb's and airsoft.... Where as I change my barrel to 6mm and get plenty of shots from my TINY tank.... Your gun is the basis for mine... I loved that pic!