how to make a custom o-ring for shower deviator

I am in need of an o-ring replacement for an unidentifiable bathroom faucet shower diverter. Unidentified probably means Chinese. And these things often have no product replacement parts.
I am sure there must be a way to make a replacement either out of rubber or silicone either by 3D printer or some kind of mold.
I would appreciate any kind of help - either someone with a 3D printer who could make one or a mold for silicone or melted rubber.
I don't mind paying for this as I'm sure it would cost considerably less than replacing the whole magilla.
I'm thinking of the kind of rubber used for bottle stoppers that empty air from wine bottles; or some way to make this o-ring.
The dimensions are in the attached images. I an furnish more images if necessary and contact info.

Picture of how to make a custom o-ring for shower deviator
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philjor (author) 3 years ago

Nope. Unfortunately, the problem starts with in-tub dribbling, but when the o-ring is off and crammed into the coiled spring, the water drips between floors. I haven't solved it yet as I have not had the time to visit my friendly o-ring distributor. ;)

Toga_Dan3 years ago

am i correct in thinking that an imperfect seal on this will result in part of the water dribbling into the tub, rather than somethin catastrophic?

Go to an engineering supplies store, they have boxes of o rings shouldn't cost more than 50 cents. it look like its suppose to have 2 10mm ID o rings.

Kiteman3 years ago

I may be starting to sound like a product advocate, but have you thought of building one out of Sugru?

philjor (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

Great suggestion. But I think it would be almost impossible to form the right shape since sugru sticks to most everything; so it would be impossible to form a mold or to shape it on the shaft. But I see the possibilities. I ordered a batch for other fixes.

Kiteman philjor3 years ago

You can wrap the form in cling film (which peels off cured Sugru), and I think smearing the form in mineral or vegetable oil will stop it sticking, but that's something to check elsewhere.

I had similar troubles with a kitchen mixer.

Must have been very old or imported as no store even recognised it.

Was a similar design to yours - instead of a o-ring the seal was more like the stuff you fin in cheap air pumps, more a cylinder...
Suitable replacement was far over 100 bucks, so I decided to go cheap first:

Using three rubber rings that created thight fit lenghtwise I got a good seal on the valve stem but the rubber would not fit into the rest of the mixer.

So I took the whole stem and put in the drill press.

Using fine sandpaper and medium speed on the drill I sanded the outside until it would just go into the hole it was in before.

Added a bit silicone grease to lube it all up and never had a problem ever since.

The trick is to find a rubber ring that is slightly thicker than the original and to add as many as needed to fill the stem.

In my case, after the sanding, the result was looking pretty much like the rubber in the first pic, only with two little grooves where the rings met.

philjor (author)  Downunder35m3 years ago

I'll be trying this. Appreciate your input. Will be going to friendly distributor to try to fit the right kind of o-rings.

caitlinsdad3 years ago

Any luck at the hardware or trade plumbing shop to find replacement o-rings that might be close enough in size to work? You might be able to repack the rings with some silicone plumber's grease that will lubricate and get it back in condition enough to work or stack a few to take the place of the thick one. Forming your own o-rings might be difficult. Good luck.

philjor (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to find a distributor locally who might be able to help. It's not a standard size. Repacking is a good thought; I already did that once but the whole bath system was was originally badly installed and used likewise. (: And having one sutom made would cost about $75US. I think we'll come up with something at the distributor (Daemar - nice people). Thanks again.