how to make a garter star medal

i make costumes and am half way through a Duke of Wellington, all going well except his main medal was the garter star. I want to make this by casting :) or carving :( .It must look authentic and in my travels i found asite that makes copies of medals...for about a 1000 bucks. What i want is pictured below and the size is as shown in his portrait. im open to any ideas. if i could get one, i could cast a copy and badaboom..but i know no one who was decorated with this garter star...( the queen of england wont answer my tweets)

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1152mel4 years ago
Hi there, I made one by printing off the star and garter to the correct size and in colour on to a transfer sheet, ironed it on to some sturdy fabric then beaded the image with fine glass beads, although this took some time it is a lot quicker than carving. You could also try ebay for an obsoleat british police man helmet plate,they are about the same size, take a mould then cast in plaster, remove, add what is needed then recast. Hope this helps :)
spoons143 years ago

Did you ever get get this made? If not, I might be able to help

lemonie4 years ago
See if you can carve one out of wax: if you can you may be able to cast one.

maninamousesuit (author)  lemonie4 years ago
thanks for the advice..but i cant carve worth a would look like something that would go on a christmas tree in a playschool :) but thanks for the help anyway
I'm not so good with wax either, but I'm having a go at it, for now.

maninamousesuit (author) 4 years ago
here are some pics of the medal
I've had a radical thought:

Not many people have seen a real version of this, and, on a costume, they won't get z chanced to look close...

Why not get it laser-cut from acrylic?

Start with a layer of clear for the "spines", etched to add the impression of gems,.

Cut the rest from white, adding the red and blue with enamel paints, then etch the text through the paint.

It won't be authentic, but it should look reasonable from a distance,. It will be repeatable for sales, and make a good Instructable to boot.

maninamousesuit (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
guys u are great! laser cut from acrylic? wow. as regards the look of gems. only the queens one is with diamonds and that would work..the lesser ones are silver. it would still work i could paint it...all i want is that it looks real. my riding boots have rubber soles but they look right too :) now i must look up laser cutters in rural ireland :)
Talk to high schools and sixth form centres, as they often have them.

Otherwise, there are services like Ponoko that do mail order, or there may even be an instructables member who can help out.
lemonie4 years ago
See if you can carve one out of wax: if you can you may be able to cast one.

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