how to make a starship enterprise out of an old floppy disk

Found on the internet (nothing to do with me)
You never know, this could well appear as an instructable one day...


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Aeshir10 years ago
The link is sort of....dead.
FrenchCrawler10 years ago
Check KipKay's site for a video:
lemonie (author)  FrenchCrawler10 years ago
Like I said, these things go around. The link I've posted has a 'last updated' of July 2005. was registered in Dec 2006. Who was first? Or is that somewhat meaningless, given how these things get passed from person to person? L
I'm not sure who was first, I was just stating that he had a video showing the process of making the ship.
Aeshir10 years ago
LMAO THAT'S AWESOME! Thanks lemonie I think i'll try this.
lemonie (author) 10 years ago
Who ripped-off who? (And should I have used 'whom' in there?) This is exatly why I posted it: these things go around like jokes in the school-yard... (I got the link from
KentsOkay10 years ago
Sweet, guess it doesn't have a mini Kirk or Picard(I can't decide which, it's the only quetion i thought hard).