how to make an aquarium air pump

hi all
so i do not know much about air pumps, but i wanted to construct one
i know i need a diaphgram for the pump, but what else do i need?
i found this replacement part ( which was the diaphragm pump itself

it has some magnet part which it attaches to for the electric part,
but say i wanted to make it to a kind of attachment where i wanted it to split to two wires, how would this work?


kmuse16 years ago
Huh, yeah i know that these pump aren't expensive,but how do i make an air pump water from one tank, to another one? Sorry, these is for my project(hydroponic)... I have seen one b4(just a draw sketch)... but i really don't know how it work ;(... Sorry my english grammar was sooo bad...
lemonie8 years ago
These pumps aren't that expensive, if you're having to buy the individual parts you'd be better buying the whole unit?
I believe these have the diaphragm driven by a solenoid, rather like Wahl clippers.

Don't understand what you mean about splitting 2 wires - can you elaborate?