how to make fin ammo

typically i use gold rods an use the line in the rod as a guild for where the fins should be placed

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I would like to know, why would you need one of these...? Just asking.
look up KILLERK on youtube and find out for yourself lol
honestly its the only ammo i shoot outta my TR8 is shoots 300ft angled and over 100ft flat extremely accurate and shoots very fast
whats not to like?
Hmm...I am gonna try this in my Breach Loading PDR.
Pretty good explained! I always failed at making these (even with gold rods), my fins always ended up crooked or so. 4*
I can never get these right either. My fins are all lopsided and each fin has a different length. =(
I know eh. But even with crooked/uneven etc. wings, the bullets still fly further.
I just made a finned bullet and it turned out good. =D When I had the NAR some time ago, it shot 150 feet with fin ammo even though the fins were all crooked.
Cool! Fins tend to improve the range on a lot of guns. I got about 40 metres ones with finned rods out of a tr gun
Isn't 40 meters over 120 feet?
Something like that yes. (about 133 and 1/3th feet to be exact) I put 4~5 bands on a single shot tr like gun.
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