how to make paper flowers easy

My youtube channel will help you make handmade products, DIY crafts such as crepe paper flowers, Quiet book, valentine card/gift, birthday card/gift, christmas card/gift, christmas card/gift,...  It is quite easy . There are a lot of kinds for you to make
Flowers: peony, carnation, orchids,....
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 how to make crepe paper flower - Sunflower

Easy and beautiful Paper Flowers - Gerbera

paper tulip flowers
to be continued...

Kiteman7 months ago

You ought to write these up as proper instructables, they'd be very popular!

duongjiangnan (author) 7 months ago

paper flower DzungMac.jpg
DươngN101 year ago

so beautifull

duongjiangnan (author) 1 year ago

Paper Flowers - Gerbera
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