how to make some thing intresting out of a beer cap

I need something cool to do with beer caps cause I have so many.

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Skyfinity9 years ago
I plan to do an instructable about bottle caps soon... Keep your eyes open.
I think you owe tjesse an extra-large bottle of Visine. If he's kept his eyes open for the past two years, they're probably fairly dried out by now.
French the llama! What have I done?!
Please forgive me. My bottlecap endeavors had come to quite a halt. I am sorry I did not inform you.
Oh damnit I didn't realise this was a 2 year old topic. Grrrr.
how soon?
craftyv7 years ago
Fame, the movie included a scene: Glue bottle tops to the sole of your shoes and you have tap shoes.
Jayefuu7 years ago
Collect lots of different types?
A trivet?
Punch the middle out and drill a hole in one side? Then sew them to a jerkin to make scale plate armour?
Set them in concrete and tile a floor?
Use them as really small, individual ice cube moulds?
Beer top chandelier?
Christmas tree decorations?
whatsisface9 years ago
Pin badges.
Sorry I should elaborate, glue a safety pin to the back to make a pin badge. Or you could tessalate them to make a dome shape if you have loads, and then use it as a lampshade.
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