how to make this work

Does anyone know how I could put a knex gun into this body? I like the p90 design,  just can't get a gun into it. Maybe a rail gun design could be made use of here. I also want the mag on top like a real p90 if you're gonna give me a design. ....if the top mag is possible

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Dreamwave11 months ago

If I can butt in here, starting with a mech--however crazy it may seem in concept--has worked best for me. Every gun where I've started with a body and designed the mech into has been maybe pretty, but unimaginative inside and hardly well performing. It's maybe a viable tactic for replicas, but I have *personally* had little luck with that tactic.

Dreamwave1 year ago

If you're working on getting the mag to be mechanically similar, feel free to pick up anything that works from the one I tried making. It would take some pretty complicated engineering, but I bet you could make something like it that used grey connectors and a slingshot mech with a bolt. I might get around to trying to figure something like that out once I'm done with ZipDart V.2, but have a go at it and see what comes of it. I look forward to seeing what you think up!

tinyhooman (author)  Dreamwave12 months ago

Sorry, this is long taken apart

Oh. If it was still together, I might be able to help.

Hey Dreamwave! I haven't seen you active in a while! Are you planning on building any new K'NEX guns?

didexo1 year ago

Um, the body seems too hollow for the type of mag that you want. Try searching for other Knex P90s, there are some good ones already on here.

tinyhooman (author)  didexo1 year ago

well, I don't need a mag, I could probably just turn this into a railgun

Kona-chan1 year ago

pic's too blurry to do anything with is, sorry bud