how to open two word files in command prompt

How do i open two word files using notepad-batch files.if i write it without something between the two words but it doesn't work. what do i write between the words

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TarnueB1 year ago
Got your answer for you, my friend. You MUST add a TITLE to your command, such as: start "TITLE" "C\Program Files". This will open your Program Files with the title of "TITLE". You MUST add this or it WILL NOT open the window through explorer. Glad I could help, :-).
mk123454 years ago
start excel.exe
start"FILE 1"
start"FILE 2"
start "FILE 3"
start "FILE 4"
start "FILE 5"
start "FILE 5"
start "FILE 5"
start "FILE 6"
tonynichols4 years ago
Work with word files by the help of docx fixer

Visit next entry
Or you could just type:

start pathname\filename1
start pathname\filename2
start pathname\filename & start pathname\filename

Either way...
NachoMahma9 years ago
> Aha! From How to use startup command line switches to start Word...:

Starts Word with a specific document open.

Note To open multiple files at once, use pathname\filename.
Example: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Winword.exe" c:\filename1.doc c:\filename2.doc
YES! Man, It works (((((((: I did not use start and i could start song with 3 spaces (((((: THANK YOU MATE! This is what I really needed (: now I can open files with spaces (: Thanx!
thermoelectric (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
It doesn't work even just writing "start c:\my documents" won't work cause its got spaces. it just says the system cannot find c:\my
. If the path contains space, you must put the path in quotes. Eg, "c:\Program Files\some file.ext" See the Example in prev msg
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