how to stripplarge copper wire effortlessly

I have about 100 pounds of electrical copper wire, and I need to strip it for scrap I was wondering if anyone out there has a quick easy way to strip the wire with a power tool? would a dremel with a cutter do the work.

Plasmana9 years ago
Burn the insulation off with the fire!
NachoMahma9 years ago
. The easiest way I know is to dump the wire in a barrel with some diesel. Apply match.
mmmmm burning PVC there is no smell that burns the nose, quite like that ... Make sure you don't do this in the middle of a city or a town for that matter, people tend to whine about it to the officials who will come and visit you ......
Mikey D9 years ago
Drill a hole in a block of wood. Insert a utility knife (or just the blade) into the block of wood so the tip of the blade slightly protrudes into the hole (it need not cut all the way through the insulation) Mount your stripper in a vise and jam the wire into the hole. Pull it through and you'll be able to strip the insulation off quite easily. Hope it helps! Mikey