phishing? looks suspicious. Phishing. I ended up on that page via google. Someone wants to steal logins and passwords.

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samircury2 years ago

Thanks for the heads-up. We identified and blocked the suspicious activity as of last morning. Most of their URLs are already returning errors :

For the ones that still work, it's a matter of time until they don't. Our engineering team is working on a solution to identify and eliminate this kind of activity faster in the future.

Thanks for the feedback!
The thing that will catch most unsuspecting users is the fact that a simple typo or incomplete address might get you to these spammers.
And with the direct copy of all current content it is hard to spot the fake.
I was only to identify them as fake after a Whois check.

magkopian2 years ago

I just found another site that also looks very suspicious:

Oh Oh. I think I may have logged into this page. More than once. :(

I will have to be more careful in the future. I was not aware of this type of scam, so thank you for the heads up.

And btw, I just typed the .xyz address into the search box and it took me to the page, so it is still there. (posting this at 12:00 pm EST, September 8)

pseaton2 years ago

Thanks for the heads up on this, and please do continue to pass these along when you find them. We take phishing schemes seriously, and so do our lawyers.

We're currently in the process of dismantling this website both technically and legally. Future scams like this will almost certainly appear, but this one will be going away soon. Thanks again!

Kiteman pseaton2 years ago

(Have you seen dmjlambert's comment?)

I would say that is a server copy or different DNS for this site but not suspicious.

PawelR (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago

really? so try to log in via facebook on that page

You might be right.
The website is only 25 days old and has no IP listed, same for owner infos.
But if it really is a fake then one of the best I have seen so far.
I hope someone from higher up can clear this up soon !?

dmjlambert2 years ago

I just found a link to in google results this evening. It is not dismantled.

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