i like to hog hunt with my 12 guage mossberg shot gun what do yall like to hunt for? and what do yall like to use for hunting? and last but not least what is your favorite brand of gun?

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rocketman205 years ago
I have hunted hogs to, but I live in Iowa so I traveled to texas. We used our bows for three days. On the last day we went out with a pack of dogs and a knife, killed two that way. I also have elk hunted in Idaho. I have a hunting cabin in south dakota for hunting waterfowl. I do the majority of hunting on my property back home hunting deer and turkey.
JACKBARRY5 years ago
i hunt gators
monsterlego5 years ago
I hunt albino creepers with a portal gun.
i love that game!
Aron3135 years ago
Im not much of a hunter but i would say i hunt humans with my m4 Matrix haha!
fordf150man (author)  Aron3135 years ago
nice lol