i bumped my lcd monitor

i bumped my lcd monitor with a hard object (keyboard) it did not crack but there is darker (from wide angle looks brighter) spot in the place that got the impact. its a smooth spot and not bunch of pixels it was very severe. i played with my finger on it and pulled it lightly with electrical tape (stick and pull) and now it is much less severe but it is still there can it be fixed anymore ?

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comodore8 years ago
Why did you hit it in the first place??? :P
11010010110 (author)  comodore8 years ago
pulled a cable that in turn flipped the screen over and it fell on the keyboard
Ah I see... Well, sorry but I don't know much about LCD screens and can't really help you... :( Hey, could you come to MSN, I made a cube that sides open, by your desine but it isn't so good.... Need something better, I have a new idea...
caitlinsdad8 years ago
You may have bent or creased one of those polarizing layers to your flatpanel. That anti-glare layer or another filter screen may be damaged. Since they are now out of alignment, you get dark or light spots. At least the electronic matrix is not damaged otherwise you would be getting stuck pixels or random colors. I don't think you can actually fix this without replacing the entire panel.
11010010110 (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
can i reach that place better from the back of the panel ? or i'll make more harm than good ?
I've never taken an LCD panel apart so I don't know if those layers are fused together or sealed some way as part of the manufacturing process. Unless you want to experiment, you may just want to live with the bad spot.