i have a bunch of instructables in the makeing which would you like finished first

i have 4 different instructables in the making and i want to know which the instructables people would like me to devote the most time to they are: Take Pictures of Auras with Kirlian Photography The Basics of Graffiti The Basics of Parkour How to Cosplay

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kelseymh9 years ago
Ummm...aren't any of these done yet? This post was a full year ago...
. I get the feeling you already know the answer, but, from m-o-c's personal page: "master-of-chaos has not posted any instructables yet... " . master-of-procrastination? heehee
He's been beaten to it:

Kirlian photography

Basic graffiti


And there are several cosplay-linked projects.
taka219 years ago
I think you should do... 1.) Parkour because people have been saying to do the Parkour instructable first. 2.) Kirlian Photography because it sounds interesting and I like it. 3.) Cosplay because there is almost alittle to no instructables about it. 4.)Graffiti because well.. Im not really into art.. The Cosplay instructable and the Graffiti instructable could be interswitched.. xD Done by a 12 year old! woohoo!
The Jamalam9 years ago
can you incorporate parkour into my instructable? Don't edit my steps just add new ones
Chicken22099 years ago
ugh I'm like you, i have two in the works and i never want to work on them so they've been sitting there
master-of-chaos (author) 10 years ago
My cameras broken so should i release them without pictures or just wait to get it fixed
id wait for camera
The Jamalam9 years ago
master-of-chaos (author) 10 years ago
ok a more productive way to do this, rank them your self 1. do first 2. second 3 third 4 last
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