i have changed the name to how pathetic is criss angel

Is Criss Angell a fake? Let me see a show of cursors! I already well know how most of his tricks are perfored, and they are so dumb! In "Walk on Water", they put plexiglass over one section of the pool. The girl says she swam right under him, but she couldn't have swam around him because of the plexiglass. That is why she went under. In "Steamrolled" they dig out a trench so he fits safely under the big wheels. And the broken glass? Oh that's real. I know many others, but my hands are cramping from typing.

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Vendigroth10 years ago
I like Derren Brown more anyway...
nerfer192 (author)  Vendigroth10 years ago
KentsOkay10 years ago
Well, seeing how he's an illusionist , and he's illusioning you, how can he be a fake?
Well, some magicians feel that tricks need to be able to be preformed in real life and not just through television. Criss obviously exaggerates, uses stooges, and camera tricks in his show "Mindfreak".Some magicians and illusionists see this as "cheating". Just like how people see athletes using steroids as "cheaters".
Yeah, right. If you want to see a sci-fi show, watch "Heroes." What's so magical about an off-screen crane?
What's so magical about an off-screen crane?

In my book, the definitive answer is Skill. The knowledge that someone did not "edit this" and create a cartoon, and the fact that you can see it anytime , up close and personal, because of the magician's skill. If I want to do an illusion, I can simply say "let me borrow a quarter. " But you will know that I have spent months practicing this bit of legerdemain.
Heroes is awesome, if only for Hayden Panettiere. The effects are good, and the plot is awesome :-D
sniper9910 years ago
UNCE UNCE UNCE!!!! Criss Angel is an awesome show and evry1 know his tricks r fake!!!!! but so wut??? the show is fun 2 watch
nerfer192 (author)  sniper9910 years ago
youve got the same opinion as oogitsmal
westfw10 years ago
I've never heard of Criss Angell, but I'm enough pissed off that probable con man Uri Geller got hired that I'm not likely to ever watch the show...
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