i have to be 18 to buy heet?!?

so i went into walmart today hoping to buy some heet for my alcohol stove, well it all went well until i got to the register ( self checkout) i scaned and and it said "waiting for aproval". then this big hairy dude came over and told me i had to be 18.

my thought is WHY?
Tell me what you think, or what else works as a fuel (other than denatured alcohol)

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ularkusut11 months ago

i think we should follow their protocol and policy because they sure have a strong reason why.

CalebK211 year ago

i think Walmart has a policy on flammable liquids so try another place such as a hardware store

kimt33 years ago

My bad just told me I got carded for the BIC white-out pen - not glitter. Still hating on Walmart.

kimt33 years ago

I just got carded at Walmart...trying to buy glitter for my Christmas cards. I am 17 years old, have a job, pay taxes, donate to charity, own and maintain a car AND WALMART WON'T LET ME BUY GLITTER.

I am so glad I had $78 in groceries and the glitter was second to last...cuz u know I just stuck my CASH back in my pocket and walked.

the machine8 years ago
heet  is an ingredient in meth
(the drug) 
junits15 (author)  the machine8 years ago
that explains the control over it
Welcome to the unintended consequences of the war on (some) drugs. Heet is used in the "ten thousand little superfund sites" method. Incidentally, the home brew toxic waste dump is itself an unintended consequences of tightly controlling another precursor. Oh and you can't get solid iodine anymore without being on a government list and you can't buy more than X amount of cold medicine for the same reason.

Seems all this regulation thats an inconvenience to normal people has done very little to combat the cost or availability on the black market. Someone google up the definition of insanity for me again, please?

Meanwhile, Adderall and Ritalin are still highly prescribed medications for ADHD (or what ever people are calling it this week). They're essentially the same stuff.

I'm not supporting illicit drug use, I just want my damn country back.
junits15 (author)  kill-a-watt7 years ago
what do you mean by "ten thousand little superfund sites method" ? it seems everything is being regulated now, in the end i just went to lowes and picked up a large can of denatured alcohol. Its funny walmart wouldn't let me buy this tiny bottle of heat but at lowes buying an entire gallon I didn't even get a glance :|
I don't know the exact method, but it has to do with lye and stove fuel and sudifed, and the whole drug lab can be easily assembled at home. Thus there are many many clandestine labs and they all produce toxic waste. None of that waste likely gets properly disposed of properly.

The DEA will pat themselves on the back for shutting down the big producers by adding tight restrictions to a few chemicals, but utterly fail to take responsibility for what I call "ten thousand little superfund sites"

Then they've tried a bunch of ways to mitigate the damage from their earlier misguided policies. Off the top of my head:

   Prohibiting sudifed from being sold in anything besides "push pill through foil packaging"

  Criminal charges (with possible jail time) if you buy too much cold medicine within a certain amount of time.

  Total removal of the useful OTC drug phenylpropanolamine, based on crappy science, because it's also a useful precurser.

   Discontinuation of the homemade soap and homemade biodiesel makers favorite product, "Red Devil Lye"

  Elimination of Iodine sales (unless you want to be on another government list). This killed products like Polar Pure, a water purification system I find extremely useful in my Homeland Defense emergency kit.
Also, you might try local gas stations. Mal-wart is a little overprotective for publicity reasons. Smaller stores may not give a damn.

If they do, try bringing your stove (It's lightweight, right) to show the sales clerk.

There may be a law about the issue, or it may just be a request from the DEA. I'm having minor supply issues getting pure lye for the same reason. (bio-diesel)
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