i have to do a science fair project. what shold i do?

I have to do a science project. please help me. what should i do?

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NachoMahma9 years ago
. Build an astrolabe.
wikipedia didnt work today
Firebert0109 years ago
Oh man there are SO many good ones to do. Pick any one of the book winners and you're sure to get some interest. I LOVE doing stuff like this. Being a member of this site really opens up the amount of project ideas you have access to.
...the book winners...

What?? We know who they are??

When did that happen??

Linky, gimme linky!
I knew you'd flip as I was typing that. =P

I suppose I should have typed finalists instead of winners.

Sorry to disappoint =\
> Makes deflated face <

I've got a hovercraft instructable; it's extremely stable and can hold up to three people. I gave free rides at my science fair and it was a big hit (I got on teh newz!).
Kiteman9 years ago
This is a popular question at the moment. Do a quick search for "science fair"...
westfw9 years ago
For which grade level? Does this have to be one of those "SCIENCE" fair projects where demonstrating proper understanding of the scientific method is more important than doing something interesting, or can you duplicate a well known device/experiment and describe how it works/etc? How much time do you have? What areas of "science" are you most interested in ? (and are you allowed to do things involving explosives, pyrotechnics, or airsoft guns?) How much money can you spend? (If you can get away with it, an experiment involving range vs ammo weight in a particular gun/device might be interesting. (airsoft pellets seem to vary over a better than 2:1 range, so I'm actually curious.) Build your own airsoft "thing" with a low enough range and innocent appearance to get past the "no guns on campus, ever" rules, and it might work pretty well...