i have to sleep like outside !

today winter showed its presence here. nights with lightnings and thunders i want to get a glass roof and sleep under it outside ! or atleast to stick my head to the window of my room *tries to set up the computer desk next to the window and throw a mat over it*

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You can make a tarp shelter. This is good weather for it. Do like a lean-to type setup. Its too cold for mosquitos so you get to enjoy nature without slathering on deet or being attacked by bugs. Brand new tarps are cheaper than tents and they are more waterproof. I spent many a night camping out in the rain and only got wet a couple times. Grab some rope a tarp and a buddy, if you get too cold, the next day take it down and set up a different design. (girls either really enjoy camping or will whine the whole time, its a hit and miss)
skunkbait8 years ago
Get you a good sleeping bag. When I was in High School, I slept out probably 3 times a week, year 'round. Something about the outside air really does a person good.
11010010110 (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
i usually sleep on a floor mat (actually stacked sleeping bags) at home i'd like to do so outside but its cold as hell and raining !
so just rough it, or make a tent out of transparent plastic.
Oh. Rain's no good. The cold never bothered me (down to about 4 farenheit), but the rain sent me indoors quickly.
Yeah the cold isn't to bad especially if you've got a good sleeping bag but the rain will get you awake pretty darn quick unless you have a tent
NarNar LoneWolf8 years ago
Maybe he should look into a translucent tent. :D
LoneWolf NarNar8 years ago
Great Idea man
NarNar LoneWolf8 years ago
=D Thanks. Right after I made the comment I went looking to find one so I could post a link, but I think it all just depends on his size preference and budget.

If anything, he could get one of those collapsable cylindrical tube things- a clear one of course. Sleeping bag inside of it. Although depending on the material and temperature outside when it's raining, it may fog up from the inside......
LoneWolf NarNar8 years ago
Yeah they do have a lot and I really do hate when it fogs up on the inside because then the condinsation drips down and you might as well be out in the rain
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