i need a christmas present for my dad Seveastrouk and i dont know what to get him HELP!

the title says it all folks butr still help

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Kiteman6 years ago
Assuming a pocket-money budget:
  • Smelt some more aluminium, cast it into a more decorative shape than a blob?
  • Make a sign for his shed/workshop with pyrography, or gluing technoscrap together?
  • Make a wallet (search for an ible you like, or create your own)?
  • Get an adult (or Jayefuu) to buy a bottle of decent beer?
  • Make a book of promise vouchers that he can redeem during the year ("I will tidy my room", "I will wash up for a week", "I will stay out of sight for 24 hours")?
  • A set of bits for his drill or rotary tool?
  • Give the gift of robot invasion? (If you don't have a solar cell, you can just use a battery and switch)
Kiteman Kiteman6 years ago
By "decent beer", I mean something he wouldn't drink from the bottle.

Beers by Adnams, St Peters, Brew Dog and Jennings should all be available in your local supermarkets, and some are available online (I recently came across the Norfolk Grain Brewery, which he won't have seen in your area yet).

If it doesn't come in bottles, what does it come in? Leather flasks?
Oh, it is purchased in bottles, but it is poured into a glass before drinking.
Is there a "reason" for this? Other then to dirty a glass or to release some of the carbonation?
Bottles are packaging, drinking out of them is bad etiquette. However, a lot of places expect customers to drink out of bottles because it avoids glass-problems. It's obviously very common, but if you've got beer-glasses they ought to be used.

Interesting, much like it would be even worse to drink directly out of the wine bottle?
That's right.
But in e.g. a busy-bar, drinking out of bottles is a cost-saving.

It saves me washing a glass at home too ;-)
Would I be right in thinking that like me it saves you washing a glass before you drink, rather than afterwards?

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