i need help

any one got any ideas about a new typ of gun

knuckel4 years ago
maybe a fixed rocket motor in a barrel and a plate with half way placed metal BB's.
knuckel knuckel4 years ago
the plate is in frunt of the rocket moater, or u could use a compressed air blast.
Jaycub5 years ago
You might like electrothermal guns. Also look at this website:
JMB7 years ago
well i have actually made different calibers of guns with metal piping and a bb gun
st_383 (author)  JMB7 years ago
kool last night i made a really kool simi automatic bb gun with a bic pen clip. wut happens is u take the cap for the pen and cut a hole in the barrel (i use a pen case)then u take the cap u cut off the small end until the bb of choice can easly go through and by bb of choice i mean airsoft or metal bb, then glue or tape it so the small end is in the hole where the hole is (it hase to be over the stick or mechan pencil clicker)then u keep the plug in the back of the pen or clip and u just slide it in the pen case.some inprovements for bb guns the ferther the bb hase to travle the more ferther it will go right i dont know ive ben experamenting with that and thats wut happens with airsoft bbs but only use 1 pen for the barrle and cut the stick or mechan pencle clicker half way but thats only my going to post instructions on my gun ideas and right now im trying to make a real clip like the ones in real guns with springs i think ive almost got it figured out ps:srry for the bad spelling
huff666 st_3836 years ago
IM not sure if any of you are interested but I thought I would post up
A scale template of a rifle it is in squared inches
I already made the rifle out of it and it seams it looks right but I cut the beral a little short
I could make the mechanics to is but it then tacks it a turns it illegal gay and I don’t have the right tool I need a lathe and stuff
babbie7 years ago
ya BB knex gun with magazine for 8-12 BB's check it

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