i-pod webcam/ camera thing?

I recently got a shit webcam from my friend and took it apart and noticed the color of the wires were awefully similar to the ones on my ipod connector i recently had to rebuild. They both use USB! I spliced them together and while doing so, I thought to myself "self, how could i run it once i'm done? My question is, the rockbox program for ipod puts its programs on ipod nanos to play video, why not use this hole in the ipods security and replace the rockbox files with a webcam program to make the webcam attached connector functional? Thanks, instructa-fan

zachninme9 years ago
...how did you not notice that it was USB based on the connector? You shouldn't go based on the colors of the wires... But no, it won't work. The iPod only works in USB slave mode, and you'd need a USB master device to actually do anything.
instructa-fan (author)  zachninme9 years ago
what i was trying to point out was that that was how it struck me to splice them, not going by color. they are both USB based by the way. And what are these "slaves" and "masters" you speak of???
There may be a way to recive the data via a program on the Ipod but both items need powered for a start and it would probably mean creating your wn software for it, also the webcam would need to do just that, only send video data and do it with out being told to...