i want a big gun with less parts! no rbg(rubber band guns)

does anyone know a gun thats not a pistol thats big but doesnt use a ton of parts. i just got started. any suggestions??

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Wafflicious8 years ago
check out my magnum.
knexgunnoob9 years ago
er, well ive got a part block trigger part true. My knex gun has a part of killerk's srv1 but with a design of my own. Im not new to knex guns but have only just made a instructables account a month ago. oh and can anyone tell me wether i should make a replica gun out of wood and metal or not, im so tempted to make it,
land o cows (author) 10 years ago
finally I've made something my first knex gun!!! not really a gun though its a crossbow. By the way if you put a ball join (black peace with ball on the end)on your arrows they shoot farther and they don't hurt as much when you get shot with them for knex wars
chaoscampbell10 years ago
Buy one?
oodalumps10 years ago
My cannon doesn't take too many pieces and it's big.

T3453R10 years ago
try desinging one yourself
land o cows (author)  T3453R10 years ago
I tried that I'm a pretty smart person but I couldn't think of any. I don't want to make a killerk copy so I tried using the sear system in a large scale gun but it didn't work well any more types of trigger systems??
well i had an own version of the killerk gun you can see it under my name with rifle knex gun and now i'm buzz with inventing a new loading and magazine system and i only use one sort of trigger its not a real trigger but it looks like it but it works better and if you post something please let it be something special and wurth of posting there are enough block trigger guns on this forum so make something WOW if you are realy a beginner i could help you do you have an instant messenger ???
land o cows (author)  T3453R10 years ago
no i dont srry thanks though
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