i want friends

I really don't know what to say so here I go well I have a few people out there that liked me not sure if they still do and right now at most I need friends because it really seems that nobody on Instructables likes me I'm not sure exactly why I've had a few answer that question for me and thats not what this post is about this post is about making friends so anybody out there wanna be my friend?

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gmjhowe8 years ago
I suggest treating others as you would expect them to treat you. At the moment, that includes insulting, harrassing, impersonation, and a whole ist of other things. I suggest trying something nice. (see 'be nice policy')
Berkin gmjhowe8 years ago
I think he is asking for a second chance.
DJ Radio Berkin8 years ago
In english class today, we had to write an essay about second chances: support em or not? I was for it, because if you said "some should", then it meant you were not supporting second chances.
Berkin DJ Radio8 years ago
gmjhowe Berkin8 years ago
Actually, it would be his 6th. We will get it as well, if he follows my advice.
gmjhowe gmjhowe8 years ago
He will
Berkin gmjhowe8 years ago
he was asking ppl where he could find the complete "be nice" policy earlier today in the chatroom. He said it was not the notice at the bottom of the comment box, but a complete one, such as what they consider a violation of it.
DJ Radio8 years ago
I want more friends, so I will be your friend as soon as you follow the be nice policy, and not spam/warn in the chatroom.
Berkin8 years ago
I'll be friends with you, if you follow the "Be Nice" Policy.
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