i want to decorate my child's room with a mural, but we're renting

it's a large chunk of wall. what to do? I'm worried that sticker decals will peel the paint of when removed and blu tack is easily removed by the 1 year old and could be eaten. any ideas?

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lemonie8 years ago
Have you though about painting the wall, then re-painting before you leave? Landlords don't want their property messed-with, but if you leave it looking tidy they'll be happy enough.

She should ask first, in some localities landlords are allowed to make "inspections", even to rental homes.

What about  a pseudo tapestry?  You can get big canvas drop cloths from paint stores, maybe paint on that?
that would be a good idea..
That's a good idea but it would probably involve wall-fixings?

I was at the craft store today, 3m makes decorative "command adhesive" wall hooks rated at 5lb each,  so some hooks, some grommets, a canvas and good to go.
Do these rip-off paint / wallpaper when you remove 'em, or is the "command adhesive" something smarter than that?

It's smarter, they have a built in tab you pull, when you stress them parallel to the adhesion plane above a certain value they lose their "stickyness"
That'd be the one Goodhart posted then?

Indeed it would.
LOL yeah, being a renter sucks, never again!!!
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