i want your opinion on camping

where we're going is this place with paved roads bathrooms, showers, spots especially for tents, with the sites Right next to each other and i think its a load of crap and not real camping, what do you think? kiteman? what do you think too?

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chokapi3 years ago

Backpacking, I mean good old America-style backpacking, where you load a pack and go off traipsing into wilderness, is my gig.

Car camping is fine, for them. At least it gets people out to enjoy something that needs desperately to be protected -- ironically while destroying it.

Me? I tiptoe in and tiptoe out. Take nothing but memories, leave noting but footprints.


Most of my camping is as part of re-enactment events, so a canvas soldiers tent, campfire with booze, modern sleeping bag/mat hidden in the tent, portaloo/brickloo/woods for emptying self.

When camping on my own however...walk till I can walk no more, find a hedgerow to sleep in (tree as cover...or perhaps a tarp or hammock if I've bought them), a little meth burner for coffee.

bennyb13 years ago

Camping's what I can carry on my back, really. In winter, I do like a tarp and extra blanket for ground insulation. Good mess-kit, a couple tin cans for a stove(if you don't want a fire, and extra socks and drawers. If you're not shooting or catching chow, take some instant, powdered meals, and plenty of water. I usually carry at least a couple quart, and a 2 qt canteens. Just got store bought water purifier, but used to carry a pill bottle of bleach to purify water. A LITTLE bit goes a long way. Matches or lighter are good, but they can fail, so I also carry a magnesium/flint starter. Never fails, but practice a time or two first. A tent's fine, but 10x12 plastic tarp folds tight, and makes a great shelter of whatever configuration. Read 'Nessmuk', and pay attention. Maybe us old men just like it real, but when you can watch tv, a/c, and refrigerator, just seems like that ain't camping.

Joe Martin9 years ago
Hehe, I <3 Camping and I <3 Our van. On to the subject of campsites the whole thing of showers, hook-up all make camping a lot more easy in todays modern world. I'm all in for progress but for the people that are not you still can go to campsites that are just a forest or a big green field and thats nice once in a while! Joe
i have camped like that, thats improved camping. Its less stressful on the environment than someone driving a vehicle off into the woods and matting down vegetation with a tent. i have also done the unimproved camping where you hike several miles off into the woods and set up camp. they both have their advantages. i like the unimproved camping better but lots of areas prohibit burning.
To be sure; on the majority of public lands in the in the US, campfires are prohibited... except in the drive-in campgrounds. And even there, it's buy firewood, or bring it from home (no chopping, cutting or gathering wood.)

As recently as 6 or 7 years ago, you could have a fire in the Adirondacks. Those days, sadly, are over. All over the northeast, all the firepits have been removed.

And fires on public land were eliminated in the American west 15 or 20 years or ago... although they weren't prohibited in Algonquin Prov Park last year, so it's still possible, in Canada, at least.

For someone who's never experienced an open campfire while backpacking, car-camping is a decent substitute.

Although once you get used to the policy, backpacking without campfires is just fine. Bring a warm sleeping bag if the weather requires it, and cook your food with a white-gas, kero or mixed-gas stove. Actually, meal-prep is better with the stoves than an open fire, anyway.

...still, I recall the days when the goal of backpacking was to get to camp, start a fire, char meat and drink beer...it's not quite the same. Now you need a different goal--complete a long trail, take photos, climb a mountain, or something...
lunatek gmoon9 years ago
While this thread is a few months old, I just came across it and felt the need to comment. While I can't speak for the entire West, I live in Utah and much of what you said regarding the West (Utah) is not entirely true. Personally, I never camp in a designated campground area. To each there own, but that's how I've always camped and that's how I like to camp. I like to get out away from other people, sleep in a tent and generally rough it. So, usually (not talking about hiking into designated Wilderness) we just drive up an old forest road somewhere and pull off where a good spot is that isn't close to any other campers. This isn't always miles away from anyone, but preferably it is. As far as open fires go in the National and State parks around here, campfires are fine to have as long as you take the normal fire building precautions. There are some areas that restrict open fires, but the majority of the places I have ever been out here don't unless there is a fire restriction due to a dry spell in weather. If the weather has been very dry and hot the forest service will make these restrictions accordingly. There have been some years where most places had fire restrictions all Summer long due to a low snowfall the Winter before and/or current weather conditions, but to say open fires while camping in the West have been eliminated is false. It mostly just depends on the weather conditions and whether or not they create a situation that the forest service considers too hazardous to have open fires. Luckily this year, there haven't been too many restrictions in Northern Utah. As far as whether camping in a designated campground is "camping", I just don't like it and never have. I like to get out in the mountains/woods more. To me, sitting in a trailer nicer than some peoples homes, with a picnic table, a porta-potty, and 10 PM curfew isn't camping. I don't mind getting a little dirty and pooping in the woods, but if that isn't what's comfortable for someone else then it just isn't for them. After all, the whole idea of it, whether you are camping in a campground, off an old dirt road or hiking in 10 miles with a backpack, is to have a good time. To each their own and have fun whatever suits you best.
i don't like public places, im used to boyscout camps. they let you gather dead wood off the ground to burn. and they have toilet/shower. but most of my camping experience has been on private land. the disadvantage is most places dont have running water or toilet facilities, just find someone who has a deer lease and pick up after yourself and your good. I dont like camp stoves, its not camping unless you have campfire smell in your cloths when you come back home. and singed eyebrows
...campfire smell in your cloths...

LOL - you posted that, so I went to check, and the jacket I wear at camp still smells of smoke from Easter!
Big Bwana gmoon9 years ago
Marshmallows over a coleman stove just don't taste the same <>
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