iPad Smart case edges too sharp - solution needed

Hi guys

I just got a smart case (not Smart Cover) for my iPad. It's awesome and it's pretty convenient.

But the problem is, the edges of the case are too sharp and this makes it VERY difficult and painful to hold for long durations. 

I was kinda hoping you guys could come up with some interesting and easy DIY solution for this.

Other people  just tell me to get a new case. I simply can't afford one.

I'm willing to try anything. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. :)

Thanks in advance guys. :D

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panny19965 years ago
try masking the edges with masking tape or you may add some small paper balls at the corner(And mask them later) try searching for something like this, i know neither paper balls nor masking edges will look good.
Hey i just checked sugru is available in india( Rs.544 approx)you may check it on https://sugru.com/buy. I too stay in india, but in mumbai.
Kiteman5 years ago
I don't know what the case is made of, but couldn't you just sand the edges?

Otherwise, maybe add ridges of Sugru or Polymorph?
nithinthomas91 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Hi. Thanks for replying. :)

The case is made of a material called polyurethane. It's kinda like really tough rubber.

Unfortunately, we don't get suguru OR polymorph in my country. Are there alternatives for this? Maybe a DIY solution for suguru itself? :D

I heard they're rather uncomfortable to hold...

Don't bother with sugru (or an alternative recipe) to fix this, as they will NOT stick to polyurethane.

Sanding may work well with a fine emery cloth.

But I would look for a polyurethane tape (3M and others make them). They have a super sticky, stretchy and durable adhesion. They are used on the outside of aircraft and can hold electronic components (in place of other fasteners). You can get some cushioned types, but even a clear or colored polyurethane tape over the sharp edges will help to smooth things out and make it more comfortable; and if you make a neatly shaped patch for the main areas that you hold the case, it should look pretty good.

*You could also try duct tape, but I don't think it'll stick as well or last as long...
nithinthomas91 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Hi. Thanks for the reply. And for the idea.

I couldn't get my hands on any polyurethane tape, but I did have some insulation tape nearby. I just stretched some around edges. It sticks really well ( for now) but its MUCH more comfortable to hold.

Trimmed the edges a little, made some holes for the ports with and voila Perfect!

Again, thanks for the idea. :)
You're welcome.

It does look like it worked out well. If it stuck nicely right away (and wasn't super easy to peel up), then it probably will stay on there as long as you want it to... but hey, at least its a fast fix and its easy enough to do again if you had to. Maybe Apple will figure out they need to make a "trim kit" and supply it to everyone who asks for it (that bought the sharp smart case). :-)
nithinthomas91 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Forgive the blurry pictures... :P

Simple, but it works... :)
nithinthomas91 (author)  Moem5 years ago
Haha.. Thanks for that. I found it too. But those ingredients are harder to find than the sugru... XD

Anyway, I tried the tape trick mentioned above with some iinsulation tape and it works like a charm.

Thanks. :)
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