iPatch Project: 3 Month Memberships to Give Away!

Hey all –

So, I’ve complained on more than one occasion about patches not being sent out for the 2011 newsletters and to some contest winners. I know, it’s silly, but since recognition of content that the community creates is an essential part of this site, I’d like to try to help out with that.

Therefore, I wanted to propose a possible solution to you…

Here’s what I am thinking:

1. Drop me a note if you have 25ish patches and a little time on your hands. Also send an e-mail address to which I can forward them. I promise not to try to sell you any enhancement products : )


If there is an archive of the 2011 newsletters on the site, please let me know!

2. I’ll assign you one newsletter.

3. You send patches to everyone featured in the newsletter. This may also be a fun way to revisit or discover existing Instructables and connect with other members!

4. Let me know when you’re done.

5. I’ll send you a 3-month membership code and mark those newsletters off the list!

6. If you receive a newsletter in which you were featured, let me know and I’ll send you a patch for that one!

What do you think?

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rimar20004 years ago
I am limited by my "yes bwana" English, but I am sending patches to authors of I think awesome instructables. That is motivational, I think.
dombeef4 years ago
Just saying what I did so far:

The MakerBot Contest
The Eggbot Contest
The National Robotics Week Contest
And The Wicked Laser Contest

Thank you for coordinating the iPatch Project!
mad100004 years ago
I've received a patch from dombeef as part of this project, because of being the Simplest Bot winner in the Robot Contest.
Thanks to him and you!
annahowardshaw (author)  mad100004 years ago
No problem! Congrats again on the bot : )
splazem4 years ago
Hey, if you still need help, I can do it. And I'll do it for free, too (I have enough memberships to last me a couple years).
annahowardshaw (author) 4 years ago
Hey all - I wasn't able to be as responsive lately, but I'll catch up with everyone over the next couple days. And, you can absolutely design your own patches! It's totally not official and most people can design circles around me : )
vishalapr5 years ago
This is awesome! Erik just upgraded my patches to 150! So if you can give me a newsletter I can get cracking, and one more question are the patches going to have the above image with newsletter superstar and the date, or could I design my own patch for newsletter featured and send it to them!
Well...? I haven't received any response yet....so....are there any newsletters where I can send patches?
If so just reply to this comment or message me and I will send the patches! And please answer my previous question as well...thanks!
Why don't you just message anna? Would have been a quicker response I bet.
The April ones are done! :) Took a little longer then I originally thought but I got around to do it :)
vishalapr5 years ago
I asked ewilhelm for patches and it seems like he will give me some...so...will be right back!
annahowardshaw (author)  vishalapr5 years ago

The march newsletters are done! Got 163 patches left to send (Erik was kind enough to supply me with 222 patches ;) Send the next batch over and I'll get patching ;)
annahowardshaw (author)  MichelMoermans5 years ago
Jeez...now i feel like a slacker with my 3 newsletters and some contests : )

Coming right up!
Hey, I want you to know I'm still on it. Life just got a little in the way... I'll either try to finish the newsletters you send me tonight or monday okey? :)
annahowardshaw (author)  MichelMoermans5 years ago
Hey - Same here...I have some catching up to do as well!
dombeef5 years ago
I would love to help, is the 3 month membership still open? I have 14 patches left to send! Although I will need to keep 2 or 3 because if some one makes one of my projects, they get a patch.

And I was featured in two newsletters and both didnt give me a patch.
vishalapr5 years ago
I have asked the staff again for the patches and they said what are you using them for and I gave them this link but they said sorry we can't really give patches to anyone and everyone.... so I do not think that I will get any from them so ....
Sorry for not being able to help... I would gladly help if I can somehow get the patches!
annahowardshaw (author)  vishalapr5 years ago
Did you explain that you aren't just 'anyone and everyone' : )

That's too bad...I thought we had gotten a thing going here. Maybe they will change their minds. It seems weird to not let people have tons of patches in general.

Anyway, thanks for trying!
Erik upgraded mine to 100! (instructable workers are awesome!)

So tell me which newsletter to start on and i'll get cracking :)
annahowardshaw (author)  MichelMoermans5 years ago

Can you take February 3rd and 6th? If you need me to forward them, please send a message with your e-mail.

Done! :D I got 71 patches left :) Mail me some newsletters and I'll finish those to ;) The process is really fast if you open them all in tabs and copy paste the private message you want to send :)
annahowardshaw (author)  MichelMoermans5 years ago
Wow! More heading your way...
There we go, those 4 newsletters have been worked off to :) Still got 13 patches left so I guess one more newsletter before I need to ask for a refill from Erik :)
annahowardshaw (author)  MichelMoermans5 years ago
Dude - You are on fire! I just sent you March...you totally don't have to do all of them, but I figured at the rate you are going I mine as well send a batch!
It's nothing glad to do it :) I ran out of my patches. I was able to finish the march 6 except for two ibles. I'll ask Erik for more and will continue with the rest then :)
BrittLiv5 years ago
Hi, thank you so much! I've recieved my patch and I would like to help, but I've only got 9 Patches. Btw. were you able to find out why the newsletter patches got cut?
annahowardshaw (author)  BrittLiv5 years ago
I haven't seen anything saying they were officially cut...just several responses saying they are behind. So, I do not know if they plan to start sending them out again or not.
I would be willing to send some out too. I think I have 20 or so =)
vishalapr5 years ago
I would like to help by doing the second option as I only have about 10 patches!
I would love to give out patches to people featured in the newsletters!
annahowardshaw (author)  vishalapr5 years ago
Awesome! Would you like to send patches to the Egg-Bot Winners? There are only 8.

If you look at patches for the winners from quilting, game.lie or pi contests, you'll see that I made a patch out of the contest logo (just using trusty old MS Paint) and wrote 'Winner!' along with the contest name and Instructable title.

Post or drop me a message to let me know if that works for you.

Ok Ill send the 8 patches if I receive them! When will I get them or do I have to make them??
annahowardshaw (author)  vishalapr5 years ago
Oh, I have no idea if you will get them...I've asked and not gotten any additional patches, but some people reportedly do. I was just making the ones I gave out (hence, not many left on my end) so it would be cool if you wanted to make/send out the 8. But You don't have many left, so I totally understand if you want to wait and see of you get more from the staff first.

It may take some time, so I'll send you a 3-month code for writing and wanting to help : )
And I only had 6 patches not 10(My Mistake) and I just gave one out so I only have 5
Thanks a lot for the 3 month code! If I get the patches from you or the instructables staff then I will immediately send them out!
annahowardshaw (author) 5 years ago
Okay, January 9th newsletter features all have patches now...only 47 or so to go!

I'm going to check out the contest winners that didn't get patches next since I may be able to get through a few of those before I run out of patches.

If only there were someone who could grant more...
Sounds awesome! I only have three patches, but I'll gladly put them in for the good cause :) If the admins give me more patches I'll use those to :)

Any thought which picture should be used for these newsletter patches and what message? :)
annahowardshaw (author)  MichelMoermans5 years ago
That's so nice! I don't know how one gets more patches assigned to them, but let me know if that happens!

Meanwhile, I hadn't thought of an special image or text...do you have any suggestions? If not text itself, maybe a short list of points to include?
I would suggest a picture of instructables robot with the message "featured in newsletter 03/07/11" for the patch and if you want to send people pm's that's good ofcourse :) Helps your project pick up people :)
annahowardshaw (author)  MichelMoermans5 years ago
Good idea - and within my very limited graphic design skills. I'm totally going to do that!
annahowardshaw (author)  annahowardshaw5 years ago
How about this?
Square works best.

I like to design my own patches, to a general theme of a rounded pale blue square, with a circle in the middle (see below).

I have a special one-off patch waiting for a special event that should happen in the next day or three.
Patch xkcd baarp.pngPatch silver surfer.jpgPatch MADE IT.pngPatch DIY-ku.png
ChrysN Kiteman5 years ago
Oooh there is a special event coming up, what is it??????
Kiteman ChrysN5 years ago
One of my subscribers will be getting a very special patch.
annahowardshaw (author)  annahowardshaw5 years ago
I am starting with a January newsletter today with something like:

Thank you for your contribution to the [MMDDYYYY] newsletter.
It is [adjective]!
If you would like to help recognize other authors, please check out the forum topic: iPatch Project.

Probably a little more than just 'adjective' but I was getting into a MadLibs kinda place. Also figured I'd add the forum topic so people know why random people are reviewing old newsletters.

Additional comments/suggestions/edits welcomed!

IIRC one receives a new "batch" of patching ability once a month.
Sounds great! I'll help.
Oh, and there's supposed to be a newsletter archive - I have no idea what is going on with it; it's empty.
annahowardshaw (author)  Lithium Rain5 years ago
Thank you for being the test case!

You should have two newsletters forwarded from eye.patches@yahoo.com.
Sounds awesome! I only have three patches, but I'll gladly put them in for the good cause :) If the admins give me more patches I'll use those to :)

Any thought which picture should be used for these newsletter patches and what message? :)

Already found it :) Seems that Randofo converted them into the guide format. You can find them under the "guide" section of his profile.

An example of the new newsletter is here: July 3 newsletter