Movie made with iPhone 4

The new iPhone has just been out for a few days and someone's already made a short film with it. Shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4 over 48 hours, "Apple of My Eye" is a gripping tale of ice cream and model train nostalgia. Check out the video below to see the movie and some behind the scenes footage.

Picture of Movie made with iPhone 4
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five minutes filled with cheesy stereotypes and cliches. i feel violated.
fungus amungus (author)  lemminggenocide7 years ago
Relax. The movie itself was only 90 seconds.
That was the best bit.
Man you people are critical. This was done on a phone, remember ? (for those nincompups who don't think so, it was, it's just that the Iphone 4 haves a strong capacity camera (it's a bit stronger then the old TV cameras (40 pps for Iphone, 26 for old TV)))
it's alright :-y
mbudde7 years ago
Haha I like how the video that was shot on the iPhone was put on the web in a format that can't be viewed on the iPhone or iPod touch.
Whales mbudde7 years ago
SCIENCE! has failed.... haha. How life works, huh?
Plasmana7 years ago
Wow, that was a lot of effort put in, I think Ill just stick to my camcorder and my apple computor. :)
Leejin7 years ago
How did you keep it soooo still? Post production stabilization?? If so, please tell me what program. Or, if you used a steadycam, please do tell... Haha. Great job btw. Some great shots in there.
mymixed Leejin7 years ago
Well post stabilization wouldn't be that smooth (I have tried It - After Effects) so they must have used a clamp.
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