iPhone Pirates!

From Wired:

"The iPhone's App Store is becoming an increasingly juicy target for pirates, who have illegally cracked 20 percent of paid applications for free distribution.

Apple's App Store offers about 25,000 paid apps, and iPhone analytics company Medialets estimates at least 5,000 have been pirated. The company also said it has tracked dozens of apps with as high as a 100-to-1 pirated-to-paid ratio."

That's one fifth of Apple's applications for the iphone!


What do you guys think? Do any of you use the pirated apps? Most of us have heard all the downsides to pirating, are there upsides to pirating?

Opinions welcome; discuss!

Picture of iPhone Pirates!
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tristan9938 years ago
i thought this would tell me how to make the crossbones...
me too :(
chilll20098 years ago
i wanna iphone.
Bartboy8 years ago
"are there upsides to pirating?" Priceless.....
KrackedEgg8 years ago
yay free stuff its called a torrent file rules are meant for breaking wooooooo
woohoo! Someone else has brains here too! Jk torrents are legal...kinda.
bumpus8 years ago
That is a great picture.
KentsOkay8 years ago
I wanna iPhone...
IN YO FACE SUCKAH :-P On a more serious note, I got mine last year, its beast. its worth the lame contract that AT&T gives you
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