iPhone-controlled LED suit

This LED suit made by uiproductions and shown off at Dragon*Con is pretty sweet. It's controlled by an iPhone although there's no information on exactly how that's done. Check out the video to see it in action as well as a cameo by Volpin Props.

iPhone Controlled LED Suit In Action
via Arduino Blog

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arpoky6 years ago
There is an old toy I got years ago for Christmas called Zoundz. Zoundz was essentially a music mixer with lights that responded to the volume, speed, and rhythm of a group of pawns that are set on three sensors inside the casing.
Each pawn had a different style of sound, like soft, cosmic, funky, and chimes. There was also a white cube pawn that could have sounds recorded to it.
So there were 7 pawns, and each pawn had three loops loaded on it. You could move the pawns to other sensors on the main unit to achieve the different loops.
There was another option, as well, you could plug an MP3 player into the main unit. When this is done the pawns will not work as long as the player is plugged in, and the main unit will create a light show to go along with the unit.
It may be possible that this man took apart a crapload of Zoundz units and placed them around his clothing. As he plugged in his iPhone, the music he played made the units react to the sound, and create a light show. THIS IS ONLY A SPECULATION!!!!!
arpoky6 years ago
Someone. Make. An. Instructable. NOW!!!!!
boarderline7 years ago
I wonder how long until we see a street performer by Pier 39
(SF) wearing one of these? That would be awesome!
CyborgGold7 years ago
Idea: Make one controllable through a service like Twitter.... people could tweet updates to your suit to change the patterns. GREAT PR stunt for parties/conventions. Just put the twitter address on the shirt back.
bowmaster7 years ago
MUST HAVE!!!! That is awesome!!!
Looks like there's more info on the iPhone app here:
crapflinger7 years ago

i don't need the "phone controlled" part....maybe just a way to program several patterns in, and then use a switch to select which pattern i want to use.

the part where he's got the suit going and the daft punk helmet on is great