iPod Amp Belt

I need help trying to find the parts to make the cheapest iPod amp. I plan on salvaging the parts from everyday electronics, and turn the amp into a belt buckle. Can anyone tell me a good place to start?

Brennn1010 years ago
Maybe purchase some cheap speakers off of an electronics site, remove the ear buds from a pair of ear bud headphones, replace them with the speakers you purchased, and fit it all in an Altoids tin. Then, find an adapter, or go to the Instructable Altoids Belt

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trialex10 years ago
check out the chu-moy amp - it's small, parts are cheap, plans/schamitcs available and plenty of examples on how to fit it and batteries in an Altoids tin
A small set of desktop speakers..maybe an altoids can (great, im becoming one of them) and a battery pack?