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Arbitror (author) 9 years ago
If your iPod is acting funny, and you want to see whats wrong, you can do a diagnostics check. To enter Diagnostics Check mode, hold down center button and menu, till the apple logo appears. Then before the logo goes away, hold down center button and previous, then the screen will turn green. This will come up:

iPod Diagnostics BuildID: **** (Apple Logo)
SVC (The Date) V. ****


To move to a different selection, press previous or next. Move to a sub menu with the center button. To exit, go into the power sub menu, then select Reset. I have only tried this on a iPod 3rd Generation Nano.
It works on the iPod Video (5.5) as well. I'll have to try it on my grandma's 1st gen Nano.
works on ipod nano 2nd gen
thejrb Arbitror9 years ago
confirmed on Ipod nano second gen.
Dr.Paj thejrb9 years ago
Wonder if it works on a 1st gen mini...
happytodd8 years ago
this works with every ipod before ipod nano 3g. yes it works on the mini. i own a mini, shuffle, ipod nano 2g, 3g, and 4g.
killa6969 years ago
you can get ILUNUX and play DOOM.... but linux sux
You picked the wrong place to say that for sure.
DJ Smoothie9 years ago
on cover flow, instead of scrolling, you can press fast forward and rewind to go to the next album
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