iRobot Create Challenge Deadline Extended

The iRobot Create Challenge deadline has been extended by one week.

Entries are now due by 11:59pm Sunday, September 9th, 2007

Note that multiple entries in the contest are allowed. If your robot is already done and documented, feel free to use this time to explore another project with your Create.

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zachninme10 years ago
Yep! PST!
Seriously? My bot is finished, barely dry in fact and my instructable is ragged. TIme to begin the polishing. Speaking of robots drying... how's yours looking?
canida (author)  SolamenteDoug10 years ago
Let me point out that I'm not going to be reading Instructables in the middle of the night- if you were to, say, publish your Instructable by the deadline then do a bit more polishing after, I wouldn't know. Just saying.
So you're reading them tonight? ...You're looking awfully pretty today, canida.
I'm not going to suck up. Thats unsportsmanshipy.
It was a joke >_>
I know, and what I said was a sorta sucking-up joke too :P
unsportsmanshipy, seriously?
The word makes it seem like you were going for the "cutesy-made-up-word-vote" *Note to self - the campaigning is getting to me*
It is. It also appears that hijacking threads is getting on you.
You seem to be right.
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