iRobot Create Challenge Deadline Extended

The iRobot Create Challenge deadline has been extended by one week.

Entries are now due by 11:59pm Sunday, September 9th, 2007

Note that multiple entries in the contest are allowed. If your robot is already done and documented, feel free to use this time to explore another project with your Create.

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zachninme8 years ago
Yep! PST!
Seriously? My bot is finished, barely dry in fact and my instructable is ragged. TIme to begin the polishing. Speaking of robots drying... how's yours looking?
canida (author)  SolamenteDoug8 years ago
Let me point out that I'm not going to be reading Instructables in the middle of the night- if you were to, say, publish your Instructable by the deadline then do a bit more polishing after, I wouldn't know. Just saying.
So you're reading them tonight? ...You're looking awfully pretty today, canida.
I'm not going to suck up. Thats unsportsmanshipy.
It was a joke >_>
I know, and what I said was a sorta sucking-up joke too :P
unsportsmanshipy, seriously?
The word makes it seem like you were going for the "cutesy-made-up-word-vote" *Note to self - the campaigning is getting to me*
It is. It also appears that hijacking threads is getting on you.
You seem to be right.
Aww, you guys should totally get married, along with whatsisface. That would be so cute. Can I be the flower girl? :D
I don't think you know which way i swing. It's surprising what you find when you search for comments and forum comments containing your username :-P
She might not be talking about you. She might be talking about someone who's name slipped her mind ;-)
No, I was most definitely talking about all of you turning instructables into a polygamous cult. :D
So who's wearing the dress? BAGSY NOT
What? Its comfortable >_> ...you weren't talking to me? ...I'm not wearing a dress....
-1billion points
Luckily, I have infinite number of points, so no matter how many points I loose, I still have the same amount.
I hope you are not saying that all infinite sets are equal in quantity ;-) They aren't...
Yeah, I know.
But I inferred the uncountable infinity, didn't I?
All infinities are "infinite" but not all are equal...for instance, the set of real numbers is infinite, and so is the set of real integers, but the latter set contains fewer members, even though infinite, then the first set. I am just presenting this assuming you referred to an infinite number of whole real numbers, when an infinite number of all numbers would contain more members, though both are infinite.
Forgive my rambling....I am in a weird mood today.... ;-(
Yes, I understand the multiple infinities concept. I can prove that natural numbers/integers/rationals are the same, and that irrationals/reals are separate. (Okay, I can recite proofs :P) When I learned it, "uncountable infinity" was the set of real and/or complex.
Sorry, I am being nit-picky again :-(
A one to one comparison was what I referred to. Whereas we have integers, 1, 2, 3, etc, we have an infinite number of decimals in between each of those which would give a smaller set of integers, no?
a gay polygamous cult
This is getting veryyy awkward...
AHA Well played. *Struggles to find counter for zachninme's username* *Fails*
Me no likey mean guise. :(
Gay polygamy? No thanks...

Ramen, on the other hand... ahhhh... good times, good times...

If you wanted to be a flower girl, you'd need to take off those safety glasses!

(Hey! We all have some form of the robot in our little images!)
Yeah...i'm not into polygamy...

(wait for it...wait for it...*everyone gets it* There!)
I GET IT!!!!!!!
You deserve a prize! Oh wait, no you don't!
:( I could at least get a t-shirt...
I can take them off, I guess. But what if some pollen gets into my eyes and my head swells? Ah jeez.
Then we will be forced to have a flower girl with a giant head. Don't worry! You look brainy!
I guess. :( I might just end up having a normal sized head. My head is wee.
*snort/chuckle* Wait! Take them off, get pollen in eye, then put them back on! They'll be perfect size!
You know you can't have ramen to its full potential without gay polygamy... (hey, I broke the robot chain D:)
... I'm not even going to ask...
You shouldn't have to. Don't act like you forgot that night...
I'm afraid. Yee-see! This man's scaring me! Help me Yee-see!
Yee-see can't erase the past, I'm afraid...
canida (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
Hm. -1 point.
Would a puppy dog face help?
canida (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
Depends on whether it's live or taxidermied.
What about both? (As in 2, not as in at the same time :P)
I'm just guessing here, but I'm guessing thats worth -2 points. Just a guess. I have no clue on the scoring system.
You guys are no fun. What's the point of entering a contest if you're judged based on the quality of your work?

*thinks of what to say* No comment.
Mine came out well! Although, my chumby is disconnected at the moment. I'm working on a radio thing for it. I normally use Pandora, but the rating system is too coarse, and it will always throw bad songs at me. So I bought some of my favorite songs, and I just want a way to play them randomly, with better songs coming on more often.
royalestel8 years ago
Oops. Well, it will have to wait until I finish moving in. Been a crazy last month, but I have legitimately good excuses; got transferred to KY for my job, in the meantime was sent to Alabama for a month, got my car totalled by hitting a deer, went back home, sold my home, found a home in Kentucky, moved, unpacked everything, got sent to Tennessee for a couple weeks. In the meantime I did begin to learn about cattle husbandry and prototyped a couple things, so I haven't been totally lazy . . . As a side note, bulls are enormously powerful, not to mention heifers, not to mention the calves. Saw a calf bend a 2 inch steel gate up out of fear. Really the only thing keeping them in the pen is their docile nature. That and the electric fence.
canida (author)  royalestel8 years ago
Wow! Good luck, then. We'd still love to see what you do with the robot, so finish it up when you get time and post!
Goodhart8 years ago
Well, I couldn't even find the time to throw together a 5 ingredient recipe that I had mentioned in the other contest, much less get pictures, etc. I wonder if I will ever have the time to do anything in the Mag, or on the site here, much less get involved with posting anything really useful - - sigh
Now would that be 1159p Pacific? Or whichever time zone you reside? Because I totally live in uh... Hawaii. Yeah that's it, Hawaii.... ;) Good luck everyone! I'm seeing some superb competition posted already.