iRobot Scholarship Judging

No, this isn't the much awaited results of the iRobot Scholarship contest, it's just a calming, soothing message from Instructables HQ. The deadline for the iRobot Scholarship submissions has passed and we have begun working on the judging process. Put your brains to rest and enjoy some 4th of July fireworks. We received many great submissions and we are going to take a few days to work through them and make sure that we take a look at every one of them. Expect to hear something back from us about the contest early next week. Thanks for all of your great submissions and all of the supportive comments.

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Hungry_Myst10 years ago
Any guesses on how long it'll take to send a create to Canada?
I got mine in Canada yesterday (Thursday the 26th)
Wow! That long? I got mine close to the end of December.
Kira_Koenig10 years ago
Well, has anyone received a PM yet?
I have, I know zachninme and Hungry_Myst have too.
With so many ideas batted around, could the people that got PMs post what ideas they go the PMs for. So we don't have to got dig around for it. Thanks
I received a PM too. Anyone get word on how soon we get 'em?
noahw (author)  SolamenteDoug10 years ago
iRobot said that they needed about a week to ship once they had all the addresses from all the scholarship winners. They might be waiting to hear back from some critical number of users before mailing things out though, which would add on some more time to the process. In any case, we hope that they will be shipping units out soon so everyone can start building! Thanks for being patient.
Will the deadline for the projects be delayed? ...we don't need an extra month, but maybe an another week or two?
noahw (author)  Weissensteinburg10 years ago
I am sure that we can work something out. After all, we know what it's like to need more time ;)
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