iRobot Scholarship Judging

No, this isn't the much awaited results of the iRobot Scholarship contest, it's just a calming, soothing message from Instructables HQ. The deadline for the iRobot Scholarship submissions has passed and we have begun working on the judging process. Put your brains to rest and enjoy some 4th of July fireworks. We received many great submissions and we are going to take a few days to work through them and make sure that we take a look at every one of them. Expect to hear something back from us about the contest early next week. Thanks for all of your great submissions and all of the supportive comments.

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Hungry_Myst9 years ago
Any guesses on how long it'll take to send a create to Canada?
I got mine in Canada yesterday (Thursday the 26th)
Wow! That long? I got mine close to the end of December.
Kira_Koenig9 years ago
Well, has anyone received a PM yet?
I have, I know zachninme and Hungry_Myst have too.
With so many ideas batted around, could the people that got PMs post what ideas they go the PMs for. So we don't have to got dig around for it. Thanks
I received a PM too. Anyone get word on how soon we get 'em?
noahw (author)  SolamenteDoug9 years ago
iRobot said that they needed about a week to ship once they had all the addresses from all the scholarship winners. They might be waiting to hear back from some critical number of users before mailing things out though, which would add on some more time to the process. In any case, we hope that they will be shipping units out soon so everyone can start building! Thanks for being patient.
Will the deadline for the projects be delayed? ...we don't need an extra month, but maybe an another week or two?
noahw (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
I am sure that we can work something out. After all, we know what it's like to need more time ;)
Cool..have they gotten all the addresses yet?
Yes- I gave them all the addresses on the 18th, so they should hopefully be arriving soon! I just sent iRobot a check-in email, and will let you know if anything changes.
Oh, phew! I thought you guys haven't even sent the addresses in! So we should probably expect them to come around the 30th? I assumed that you would have given them the addresses by say, the 28th, meaning we wouldn't get them until halfway through August! :P
Unless they use priority mail, like instructables, in which case we would get them today or tomorrow =]
:D:D:D:D*excited dance*:D:D:D:D:D They did say prizes would come via USPS, which is Priority Mail...
Mine too! WOOT!
It's bigger than I had expected! I've been thinking of different things to do with it... Make roomba by taping a swiffer sweeper thing to the bottom Attach spikes all around it, so it kills anyone it comes in contact with etc
I'm currently scheming how to make a rechargeable home base "hideout".
I've been thinking of making a base too, let me know if you make headway.
Does it come with a battery? Does it have a command module? What does it come with?

I went out to get the mail this aften and there was a note on the door. I was in the living room most of the day never heard a knock or doorbell. Checked the doorbell, it was turned off. dang it. I'm gonna be gone most of tomorrow. Guess I'm gonna have to wait until Monday. sniff
It comes with a rechargeable battery. Yes Those things, the create, some screws, a wall charger, some cables, and the 4th wheel. And I got mine delivered without signing, so thats odd.
Oh, you should probably head down to the not-so-good-ole RadioShack, and buy a couple of MALE serial connectors (The 9 pinners) . I'd get at least 1 if you want to do anything.
thanks guys. That's even better than I thought. Rechargeable batt. I was worried I'd have to buy one. I don't have any 9pin (dins?) RS here I come. On the other hand I have a decent, some might say indecent, pile o'hackables.
I agree, its much better! (Its also much larger than I thought) And those connectors, they're DB-9, if thats what you mean. The problem is that they're female, but the ones on the back of your computer are male, so not many cheapo cables will work. Thanks guys!
It comes with a battery and command module.

...I guess once you make it, you won't have the problem of missing the knock anymore =]
While you guys think of ideas, I already published an instructable! Beat that! SUCKAS! Just kidding :P Its not my entry to the contest, but it will help some people ;-)
I agree, its a lot bigger... (I GOT MINE TOO!!! W00TAGE!) And regarding the timeline, I'll try :P
It looks like we'll have to stick with the original schedule, so get to work!
Man, I am pining for the fjords with this sucka!
canida told me: "The Creates are being shipped directly from iRobot, so I don't know what method they'll be using. I'll pass along the request for a tracking number, though. Expect it in about a week. " That was 17Jul.
I sure hope it comes tomorrow..I'm excited =]
Mine is for the pool skimmer, zachninme for one for his chumby bot, and hungry mist got one for controlling the create with a pda. SacTownSue got it for the hearing impaired bot.
So, thats 6/15: Gardner Chumby+Create PDA interface Pool thingy Hearing helper (I purposely made them all short :P )
8/15 Gardner Chumby PDA interface Pool thingy Hearing helper Wifi Mapper Sound Explorer
I received a PM for Wifi Mapper.
I got a pm for my Plant Gardener.
Mine was for the sound explorer/recorder system.
SacTownSue got one as well.
canida9 years ago
Hi guys, here's the update.

First, we're still waiting for a couple more results to come in.

Second, we'll be sending PMs to the scholarship winners to double-check that they still plan to participate. If they won't be able to participate for whatever reason, we'll move on to the alternates. We only want to send robots to people who can and will use them, so bear with us.

As we confirm participants, we'll add their names to the scholarship winners list. It's a rolling process, so names will be posted as we work down the list.

Thanks for your patience- as you probably know from reading the forums, we're working on our contest implementation. We're definitely not going to schedule two judging-intensive contests on top of each other again, and are trying to streamline the entire procedure.
salmanq canida9 years ago
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ewilhelm canida9 years ago
I'll update here when we start sending out the PMs.
It's sad when you start dreaming that you recieved an e-mail... (which just happened to me) ...I think I need to take a break from checking so often.
Wow... I got a tattoo, its the Firefox refresh icon, just for this:P
I've PM'd noahw with my statement of continued interest and my contact information, including shipping address. That way, if I happen to be in the selected group, you don't have to wait around for two or three PM cycles; you could ship the unit immediately. I did note earlier that it seemed unlikely that the scholarship units would be in people's hands before July 18th. It looks like I was a bit optimistic.
Thanks Eric!
Awesome! Where is the scholarship winners list?
I assume that they don't know yet. Did you get one Weiss?
I haven't been sent a PM, you?
No, neither me nor Hungry_Myst got anything, and one of the 4 of us should get something... probably you ;-) Phew, I got nervous. I guess I misread: we'll be sending PMs As we set PMs *waits* But no pressure or anything. We don't mind that much...
I was nervous too, it says that was posted 17 hours ago, and it seemed like there was already a winners list posted, so I figured I hadn't gotten it. It's kind of weird, I'm over the extreme anxiousness, now it's just like "eh, i'll find out soon enough." Oh well, let me know if you get a PM, and I'll do the same.
Thanks. Also on the list is Hungry_myst, and Marc92.
I doubt that we'll all get creates, however.

*Finds more friends to network*

Hmmm... I might set up a RSS feed that anyone could trigger... I know I have an RSS reader...

I've never really used RSS feeds...don't know much bout how they work.

(Wow, we're really stealing this thread, aren't we? I guess it's better than sending PMs to all the Squid Labs people =P)
I wonder how much time one has to respond to the PM once received. In case someone is in orbit or something.
I was actually a little freaked out about this. I left early Tuesday morning to a family reunion and there was 0 internet access. I come back to behold that... nothing has changed.
193 seconds.
:P You and I will end up getting them all!
lmao..to anyone else, I bet you seem really cocky right now.
Probably, but I meant it as we're the only ones checking every 10 seconds, not as in we're the best.
I knew what you mean, just no one else does.
Not to worry, I got the firefox autoreload widget just for this. Anytime there's a comment number change, I take a look. All the while waiting at my computer... I don't have much else to do :/
noahw (author)  SacTownSue9 years ago
We will wait for you to respond, so don't be worried that you are going to miss the opportunity or anything like that. I think that until someone responds back saying that they actually don't want to do the contest anymore, their scholarship offer will be open.
Yeah... I guess we are...
Thanks for all your hard work. And I mean everybody involved. You might also want to consider changing the end date of the iRobot contest to the Sunday after Labor Day. That way you all get to enjoy the holiday and some people might need the holiday and weekend to finish their projects. Then the judging can begin on a Monday. don't really know your setup so if it doesn't work for you I understand.
I agree! It must be very difficult to be sorting out all of these contests together, but you guys have been doing a great job. Keep up the stellar work!
canida9 years ago
So, the robots seem to be arriving! Let me know if yours doesn't show up. We'll be sticking to the original deadlines, so get to work!
canida9 years ago
Initial PMs have gone out- I'll be posting winners once they confirm. If you didn't get a PM you're an alternate, and we'll contact you if any of the first round winners don't respond or drop out.
Great! Thanks!
aarone9 years ago
Well, my little thing wasn't added to the group for who knows why, so I thought I'd post it here to keep us busy, or at least distracted.

Sorry this isn't the winners posting Weiss ;)

A little distractor
Hungry_Myst9 years ago
So, am I wrong to assume that iRobot has had a change of heart about there contest, or at least about there scholarship? Or is it just taking longer to decide on the results then originally suspected?
Nope, we're just tracking down the last of the required judges! Sorry for the delay- we'll get answers asap.
Its sounds like the judging has not even started, unless the other judges have gone ahead and are just waiting for the last judge's input. Oh well, patience is a virtue, isn't it. haha
Ok, thanks for the heads-up. :)
Darn you! It got my hopes up when I saw you had posted here. Oh well...maybe you should hire a head hunter!
They're still judging
Probably. I guess I'm just a bit worried that iRobot didn't get as much involvement as they wanted. I'm not trying to sound impatient, this is just something that's been nagging me and knowing is better then not knowing.
Ok. I was probably just over-analyzing.
Trust me, you're not the only one.
Kira_Koenig9 years ago
aarone, welcome to The Twilight Zone. ;)
You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension. A dimension of sound. A dimension of sight. A dimension of Mind. You are moving into a land of both shadow and substance; of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into... The Instructable Zone.
zachninme9 years ago
Will we know today?
Hopefully! If so, it will probably be late tonight. Sorry I can't tell you for sure.
Gah! You're dragging it out so for long! I'm going crazy with anxiousness!
You'll get it. Don't worry. A) You have a decent, cool, yet engineering-required idea. B) You obviously could do it, you have a CAD sketch C) You're a decent member to the instructable's society, (ie use proper grammer and such) D) There is no D
=) thanks
How much longer!?! If its muchlonger, I'm strangling weissensteingburg, and taking his create
noahw (author)  zachninme9 years ago
I can feel your tension coming through my computer screen. Whoa! We have been working overtime to try to and get all the judging done as soon as possible. Keep in mind that we are interfacing with people at iRobot and Tom's Hardware as well, so this is a more complex judging system than we normally have. That being said, if we can't come up with the winners by today/tonight/tomorrow we should just put everyone in a locked room with tools, robots, lasers and land sharks and see who is left standing after a few hours. That's sarcasm for all of those who didn't just hear me say that.
So...how much progress do we have? Oh, and I got my permit today, so If I get it, send it to the post office...that way I can drive to go get it =D
W, I just heard they sent you one. No one answered the door so the delivery driver put it in the back yard behind something under something... Unfortunately that part was trashed. But you better go look for it. Before the slugs get to it. And clean the pool while you're back there. and then go to bed.
I'll go look for it now!
OMG! I found it! It was under a wheelbarrow back there. I can't wait to get started on it.
Great, now leave the nice people alone and go to bed. Oh, hey. who are you going to prom with?
Are you asking me to go to prom with you?
No hun! I'm old enough to be your granny. But if you're desparate and want to pay my airfare and all then I might help you out. But they will point and laugh.
I'm trying to distract you from that other thing. so the nice people can do their work w/o being incessantly hounded.
Ah, well now that I have my create, I no longer need to be distracted :D
*distraction* OLOOKABUNNY! :P
So, how far CAN you go over? (NOTE: This is NOT spam. It is simply a means of distracting ourselves so you judges can feel at ease.)
lmao, pretty close. I assume you have the intention of finding out?
Why not? As long as we try to keep from being spammy, this seems like a great way to pass time! Maybe once we hit 1 word/line, someone will get a PM? XD
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