iRobot deadline?

Hey everyone-

How are you doing with your iRobot Creates? I notice that nobody's posted yet- would a (short!) extension help you out?

Let me know how you're doing.

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technick298 years ago
My brother and I are pretty well done, just some more finishing touches on the Instructable.
canida (author)  technick298 years ago
Cool! If you want to play with another idea for the extra week, you could do a second entry. (Or enter them individually.)
Awesome, thanks!
ll.138 years ago
I'm hoping Instructables Robot will let me Instructablize him. ;)
zachninme8 years ago
A short extension would be great. Even if it was a day or two, it'd help ;-)
canida (author)  zachninme8 years ago
You've got one more week! Use it well.
Yay! Thank you!
I thought iRobot set it..and was pretty firm about when they wanted it. Have they become more lenient after not seeing any ibles?
canida (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
I gave them some of the feedback I've gotten, and we were able to get a bit of flexibility in the deadline- it's now set firm at 9/9/07.
Oh wow, are only robots working on the iRobot challenge?
Mine's really coming along. The hardest part is past, I believe. All the caulk will be cured at 1:30 am..so tomorrow we're doing a pool test without anything in it..the box only. Then we can add the stands, bearing, bushings, axles, paddle wheels, foam, etc